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DSWD assures assistance to victims, survivors of trafficking

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The Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) assured on Friday (January 5) that victims and survivors of trafficking are assisted and provided with support services to ensure their immediate recovery and reintegration into society.

Asst. Secretary for Legislative Affairs Irene Dumlao, who is also the agency’s co-spokesperson, said the agency continues to assist victims and survivors of trafficking through the implementation of the Recovery and Reintegration Program for Trafficked Persons (RRPTP).

“This program underscores the DSWD’s unwavering commitment to the recovery and reintegration of victims and survivors of trafficking, as well as in the protection of their rights and promotion of their well-being,” Asst. Sec. Dumlao pointed out.

The DSWD official said the RRPTP provides a comprehensive package of services to its target clients including temporary shelter, psycho-social counseling, skills training, as well as various forms of assistance such as transportation, financial, medical, and educational.

The DSWD also refers them to concerned agencies for other interventions and support services, Asst. Secretary Dumlao said.

“The program’s success is attributed to its comprehensive package of services designed to address the diverse needs of survivors, facilitating their recovery and reintegration into society,” the DSWD co-spokesperson said.

In 2023, around 1,900 victims and survivors of different cases of trafficking were assisted by the DSWD, according to Asst. Sec. Dumlao.

Among the clients served under the program were victims and survivors of forced labor, sexual exploitation, prostitution, slavery, adoption, pornography, removal/sale of organs, illegal recruitment, child trafficking, repatriation, involuntary servitude, drug trafficking, intercepted persons and others.

Asst. Sec. Dumlao emphasized that the convergence of the efforts of the government and other stakeholders has mainly contributed to this milestone.

“We enjoin all government partners, and civil society organizations to continue our fight against all forms of trafficking in person,” Asst. Sec. Dumlao said.

In coordination with the Department of Justice (DOJ) and other government agencies, the RRPTP is the DSWD’s program that ensures adequate recovery and reintegration of victims and survivors of trafficking in person.

The DSWD is the co-chair of the Inter-Agency Council Against Trafficking (IACAT).

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