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DSWD-CALABARZON sends 13k food packs for ‘Aghon’-hit families in Quezon province

FFPs for Aghon affected families in Quezon province

Volunteers unload the 5,000 family food packs (FFPS) that were delivered by the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) Field Office -CALABARZON to Infanta, Quezon for families affected by Typhoon Aghon in the municipality.

The boxes of FFPS loaded in trucks arrived at the Infanta Convention Center on Monday (May 27). The delivered FFPS were part of the 50,000 boxes of food packs committed by the DSWD Field Office-CALABARZON for augmentation of Quezon province’s resources for disaster operations.

An additional 3,400 boxes of FFPs also arrived at the Gumaca Batching Plant on the same day. Earlier on Sunday (May 26), 5,000 FFPs were initially delivered to Tayabas City for those affected by ‘Aghon’.

DSWD Field Office-CALABARZON has so far dispatched a total of 13,400 FFPs to Quezon province.

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