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DSWD explores DPI thinking for social protection services

The Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD), through the leadership of Secretary Rex Gatchalian, is spearheading a groundbreaking initiative to utilize Digital Public Infrastructure (DPI) Thinking to elevate the implementation of its social protection programs and services.

This new approach is part of the priority program of the DSWD to digitize its social protection systems and processes. This initiative is also aligned with the digital roadmap presented by President Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr during his inaugural State of the Nation Address (SONA).

According to Assistant Secretary Julius Gorospe, who is also the DSWD Chief Information Officer (CIO), the DSWD’s digital journey is not just about transferring existing services to the digital realm but is also about “changing the way we think and plan digital projects.”

“It is about understanding the basics, talking with stakeholders, and making small but meaningful steps towards a digital future. This approach, known as “+1 thinking”, encourages everyone to take one small step towards adopting digital solutions,” Asst. Sec. Gorospe said.

“Unlike the conventional approach of merely adopting digital tools, infrastructure thinking builds a robust digital foundation that can support numerous services and innovations, “ the DSWD-CIO said.

“It also creates a digital landscape where services can be delivered efficiently and precisely, and the citizenry is empowered with the tools and knowledge to navigate the digital world,” the DSWD official said.

“The DSWD’s DPI initiatives are more than just a digital upgrade. It is a blueprint for how governments can harness infrastructure thinking to build a digital ecosystem that stands the test of time and propels the nation forward in the digital age,” Asst. Sec. Gorospe said.

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