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DSWD office creates rewards system for staff providing the best customer service

Right photo shows Director Wayne Belizar of the Finance Management Service (FMS) awarding exemplary staff with the Certificate of Recognition. Right photo shows the awards provided by FMS to individuals, sections, and divisions which upheld the Department’s thrust towards customer satisfaction.

As a continuing pursuit for quality management, the Finance Management Service (FMS) of the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) established a rewards system to recognize employees who had provided the best service based on customer satisfaction.

This is also in line with the certification with ISO 9001:2015 on Standards of Quality Management System (QMS) wherein the main focus is on constantly improving the organization in order to achieve customer satisfaction.

Being certified to ISO 9001:2015 standards, the DSWD is expected to achieve a consistent system in ensuring high levels of customer satisfaction and continuous improvement. Hence, in December 2020, the DSWD issued the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) on Client Satisfaction Measurement and Continual Improvement System to provide for a way to get the feedback of the client served.

With the ISO Certification and the SOP in place, all offices of the Department made initiatives in order to uphold the DSWD brand of having an international standard for service delivery.

Relative to this, the FMS developed a rewards program in providing customer service as a way to encourage employees to give their best in providing stellar service to each customer. The rewards program aims to recognize the efforts of the Divisions, Sections, and Individuals who worked hard to achieve great customer satisfaction results. This is also designed to motivate the staff, improve their productivity, and make them feel more valued members of the FMS.

The FMS is one of the integral offices of the Department in charge of allocating budget, checking proposals, releasing of checks, and monitoring the liquidation of funds. Hence, the SOP and rewards program ensure that the FMS employees provide quality and trusted service.

As part of the FMS rewards system, three categories were identified: Division; Section; and Individual award. For each category, the top three performers are selected based on the result of the analysis of customer feedback and fulfillment of the FMS internal criteria.

The top three performers per category are rewarded with a Certificate of Recognition and a customized ribbon. In addition, the top one performer per category is also awarded with a customized belt for their outstanding performance in providing customer service.

The awarding for the exemplary performers of the FMS is given monthly. In establishing this initiative, the FMS hopes to boost the morale of the workers, motivate the employees into providing their best public service at all times, and increase employee engagement.

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