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DSWD’s social pension program empowers indigent seniors to lead dignified, productive lives

The Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) continues to make significant impacts on the lives of indigent senior citizens across the nation through its Social Pension Program by empowering them to become more productive members of society.

The stories of two senior citizens, Tatay Periano Yeso and Nanay Amalia “Maling” Buenaventura, both from Oriental Mindoro province, are testaments to the program’s impact in providing opportunities for its beneficiaries.

Tatay Periano, a 77-year-old senior citizen from Barangay Poblacion I in Victoria town, embodies the essence of self-reliance and determination. Despite living on his own and with his children having established their own families, Tatay Periano remains steadfast in his pursuit of independence.

As a repairman specializing in fixing malfunctioning electric fans, he not only sustains himself but also thrives in his occupation.

Tatay Periano, however, is very grateful for the additional assistance provided by the Social Pension Program, worth Php 1,000 per month, that serves as crucial capital for his repair business, allowing him to meet his essential needs more comfortably.

“Para sa akin, ang natanggap na pera ay pambili ko ng pagkain, sabon at mga sirang electric fan, upang ayusin at ibenta. Ako ay lubos na nagpapasalamat sa DSWD,” he shared.

Tatay Periano’s story proves that age should never be a barrier to productivity and self-sufficiency.

Similarly, Nanay Maling, an 85-year-old resident of Barangay Cabalwa in Mansalay town, shows her resilience. Despite her age, Nanay Maling engages in entrepreneurial activities by selling pillows and indigenous Mangyan crafts.

Her enterprising spirit not only sustains her livelihood, but also supports the economic stability of Mangyan families.

With financial support from the Social Pension Program, Nanay Maling can invest in Mangyan crafts, thus contributing to the preservation of their unique culture and enhancing their financial well-being.

Reflecting on her experience, Nanay Maling stated, “Ang natanggap ko sa DSWD ay ipambabayad ko sa mga kalakal at pambili na rin ng bigas at ulam. Maraming salamat, DSWD.”

This year, the DSWD has started distributing the increased monthly stipend of Php 1,000, as mandated by Republic Act No. 11916, which provides for a 100-percent increase in the monthly pension of indigent seniors – from Php500 to Php1,000 – to further help the vulnerable sector cushion the impact of high inflation.

Tatay Periano and Nanay Maling are among some of the 4,085,066 indigent senior citizens who are eligible to receive their social pension this year, which can be used to augment their daily subsistence and other medical needs.

Their stories underscore the impact of the DSWD’s Social Pension Program which empowers indigent senior citizens to lead dignified and self-sufficient lives.

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