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DTI should protect consumers vs online scammers

IN these times when countless people turn to online sellers to avoid as much contact with the outside world as possible for fear of getting the coronavirus, there is a need for those in government to look out for the welfare of the consumers.

Following is a social media post by a friend of long standing, Arnold ‘Igan’ Clavio. I am using it not only to call on concerned authorities to do something but moreso, to warn others against falling prey to the same scam.

“Mga ‘iGan mag-ingat sa mga online scammer. Maging ako ay naging biktima ng mga mapagsamantala.

I’m posting this para magbigay ng babala sa lahat. Napakasimple lang ng kanilang modus. Nakita ko on line ang ‘sweat sensor watch’ na kayang magbasa ng glucose level mo sa pamamagitan ng pawis. Isang magandang alternatibo sa nakagawian na pagturok ng karayom sa iyong daliri para malaman mo ang sugar level mo. Bilang isang diabetiko, malaking ginhawa ito para sa akin. Kaya agad akong umorder. Pinuntahan ko ang website at tiningnan ko ang ‘comment section’. Wala naman akong nakitang problema at reputable naman ang link ng company. Eto na ang problema, nang dumating na ang pakete ngayong araw, ordinaryong ‘fitness watch’ lang ang laman nito. Nang balikan ko ang link, disabled na ito. Malinaw na isa itong panloloko. Hindi ko alam kung kaya pa itong habulin ng ating mga kinauukulan dahil sarado na ang account nito. Kaya mga ‘iGan, doble at triple ingat dahil laganap ngayon ang mapagsamantala na mga tao.

Lord, kayo na po ang bahala sa mga manlolokong ito. #sweetjustice #karma.”

This brings to mind what happened to my nephew in September last year, when he ordered from online seller ‘Feel at Home’ a ‘multi-function mini electric frying pan,’ thinking it will be useful for one who lives alone in a condo. Almost as soon as he had ordered, someone contacted the number he gave and in no time, the delivery was already made. When he opened the box, the item delivered to him was different from the one he saw on Facebook, as advertised. Even the accessories were totally different and had nothing to do at all with the said pan.

In the FB advertisement and even in the box of the item that was delivered, the pan was bigger and made of different material. It was also advertised that the order comes with accessories that would convert the pan into a steamer where one can also cook boiled eggs, with matching cover. The steam function was what particularly made my nephew interested since he is fond of dimsum foods.

The box delivered to my nephew contained a much smaller pan, a plastic measuring cup similar to the one that comes with rice cookers and a small, stainless bowl similar to a soy dish.

What in the world do the measuring cup and stainless bowl have to do with the frying pan? There is simply no logic. Naturally, efforts to relay the complain were made, beginning with the very cell number that was used to contact my nephew during the delivery and collection of payment (it was COD or cash on delivery basis).

When all text messages and calls went unanswered, my nephew turned to the FB advertisement with no result too. He also texted and called up the numbers — there were at least three — given in the FB ad as supposedly the numbers to be contacted for any questions or concerns about the product but still, no one answered. My nephew said he thought the seller was reputable since a check showed that it also sells a variety of other products. This makes me wonder how many more have fallen victim to their mode of operation.

Clearly, this company’s relationship with their customers —or should I say prey or victims?—ends once they have collected payments which is unfair for the unsuspecting buyers who expect value for money Paging, DTI (Department of Trade and Industry). Please, protect the consumers against online scammers.


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Itchie G. Cabayan
DIRECT HIT entertains comments, suggestions or complaints. Please have them emailed to [email protected] or text 0917-3132168.