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DU30 on Nuezca: May sakit ito sa utak, brutal masyado

PRESIDENT Rodrigo Duterte late Monday night condemned the “brutal” death of a mother and son in Tarlac in the hands of a policeman, saying the latter should rot in jail.

In a taped speech, Duterte said that he was shocked after watching the viral video of the Tarlac shooting incident shown to him by Senator Christopher “Bong” Go.

I am sure that by now, he should not be allowed to go out because double murder ‘yon eh (that’s double murder). Double murder is a serious offense, a grave offense. So from the time you are arrested up to the time that you are haled to court to answer for the death of those two persons, innocent ones, walang bail ka,” he said.

So ‘pag nahuli ka, dire-diretso na ‘yan. And I don’t think that you can escape the rigors of justice because nakuha sa TV pati ako napanganga,” he added.

Duterte rejected the policeman’s abuse of power, noting that he was exhibiting authority while in plainclothes.

That’s unfair and brutal masyado (too brutal). Kung ako ang nandiyan, ewan ko lang. I don’t know pero I do not — I do not like oppression at ‘yang nag-ano ng tao — papahirapan niyo ang tao. Usually kasi itong pulis you tend to exhibit your authority even in matters not connected with police work,” he said.

He described the cop as “crazy”, wondering how he passed his neuropsychiatric examinations, which is required of police applicants.

Isa lang itong klaseng pulis na ‘to. May sakit ito sa utak. And I’m just wondering why he was able to — nakalusot sa neuro,” he said.

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Duterte also urged the Philippine National Police to make sure that he does not get out of detention.

I’d like to call the PNP: Be sure that he is detained ha. He should not be allowed to go out kasi serious offense ‘yan. There’s no bail,” he said.

Following the cop’s decision to turn himself in, Duterte reminded the country’s police force to perform their duty in line with the law.

“‘Di ba sinabi ko (Didn’t I say): You do it right, I’m with you. You do it wrong, and there will be a hell to pay. Iyon ang sinabi ko sa aking (That’s what I said during my) [State of the Nation Address],” he said.

He said that cops who abuse their authority by harming or killing others will not be covered by his promise to protect them.

Do your duty enforce the law. Your actions must be in accordance with the law. You do not follow the law, mag-salvage ka, magpatay ka diyan (if you murder someone), then I’m sorry, that is not part of the agreement of how we should do our work,” he added.

Police Senior M/Sgt. Jonel Nuezca shot dead Sonya Gregorio, 52 and her son Frank Anthony, 25, after an altercation in Paniqui, Tarlac last Sunday. The video quickly went viral and sparked outrage on social media.

Nuezca later surrendered to authorities. He is currently facing double murder charges. Philippine News Agency