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Durungawan Series on Cultural Education opens this week in Marinduque


Boac, Marinduque – The island province would be hosting the first leg of the “Mga Durungawan sa Kulturang Pilipino” from June 30 to July 2 with Marinduque State College as a partner institution of the National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA) this year.

According to NCCA National Committee on Cultural Education, Durungawan is an outreach program with a theme “Culture-based Education: Enriching Instruction, Enabling Integration and Enhancing Contextualization.”

Moreover, this three-day cultural education summit brings to attention of the participants the various windows from where Philippine culture is perceived and understood. Complex and richly varied, Philippine cultures are produced in intersecting axes of history, geography and constituted by politics, economics, religious and other social forces.

Durungawan has the support of the Philippine Association of State Universities and Colleges (PASUC) apart from the Department of Education in various levels from central office to the region and the division down to the respective schools and districts.

Based on PASUC No. 049 s. 2023, for all SUC Presidents and Heads, the PASUC President Dr. Tirso Ronquillo last June 14 endorsed the said event. Likewise, the MSC Vice President for Research and Extension Dr. Ma Edelwina M Blasé, released a memo for all deans and R&E coordinators about Durungawan last June 22 to enjoin interested faculty members and personnel. The Commission of Higher Education (CHED) chair Dr. Prospero de Vera have provided a memorandum to encourage officials and faculty to participate.

A bit earlier, the Marinduque Division Schools Superintendent Dr. Lynn Mendoza also issued a Division Advisory last June 20 in compliance with DepEd Order No. 8 s.2023, consistent with the endorsement DO 28 s. 2021 for information of DepEd officials, personnel, staff and concern public in support of the seminar series to be hosted by Marinduque. Further, the DepEd Mimaropa Regional Director Dr. Nicolas Capulong also cascaded the same from the central office.

Marinduque is also a conduit for the implementation of the NCCA Philippine Cultural Education Program (PCEP) with the Graduate Diploma in Cultural Education for Mimaropa, national capital region and Bicol. The NCCA Commissioner Carlo Ebeo is expected to join this week along with MSC President Dr. Diosdado Zulueta, with esteemed speakers from the CulEd committee Dr. Jovy Peregrino, Dr. Josephine Rosos, Dr. Aida Paraguison, Dr. Shirley Maloles, Pamela Caday, Dr. Catherine Rodriguez and Mohamar Rindo.

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