What Significant Thing Happened Today?

Every morning, when walking to catch the trike to school, this thought flips across my mind at least once. “What significant thing will happen today?" I think we all do, at some point or another, asked ourselves this question. Since we don't know what to expect from one day to the next and each two days is unique. But, what I know is that I must always do things ingeniously. For so many times, it’s the highlight of my day.

I’ve taken to observing everyone around me and how they work. Perhaps at my age, 20, it's a good way of understanding not just the underlying concepts of the world, but my self-worth too.

On my way, I saw hundreds of foreign faces within just half an hour at the street. Some of them looks quite familiar to me but most them are complete strangers.

I carefully listen to their voices, noises and murmurs. Sometimes, I take photos and videos which I think mirrors reality because I really love to look at our society and the interaction between social animals. Then, I write down my good and bad experiences and draw reflections from it.

First and foremost, I see the genuine smile of all tricycle drivers at the terminal every day. They look at me while signaling the number of available seats using their right hand. They do it all day. With this in mind, I can feel their happiness when passengers ride on their trike. I can see their hard work.

Walking down the campus, a frown-faced school guard stringently asks for my ID card. He does that every time I enter the gate. Well, in my slippers and shorts, I don't actually look like a student. He's mad at first, but he smiles when I get the ID from my bag and he'll finally let me in. It is true that he is strict, but I am buoyant to see his commitment to the provision of security to students.

At the lobby area, I usually hear voices of students talking so loud. They are from different degree programs having various academic specializations. They firmly stand for their rights, advocacies and principles. They have unique skills and talents too. In point of fact, these people are strategic and inventive despite having limited resources. I truly feel their passion and eagerness to attain quality education.

While at the classroom, I will surely sit on where my friends are. We usually sit next to each other at the back. We share our stories, laughter, tears, class notes and even pad papers. But most of all, we share the knowledge that we learn from our experiences. We help each other achieve our individual goals in life rather than competing against all. In that case, I feel in my heart, the unity among us.

Straightaway, I also have professors that have effective ways of teaching new ideas to ponder. I like the way they emphasize that ‘this world can chew you up and spit you out’ if you're weak. Because the world outside our classroom highly demand professionalism. So they train us to be critical thinkers. I candidly feel their endeavor on helping us, students, understand the social responsibilities of our field and the social impact of our choices. That is why I am, always grateful to listen on their lectures.

Finally, on my way home, I get to see children playing on the street. I don’t know who they are but they seem so close to my heart. Their young innocent minds remind me of my hopes and dreams in life. They imbibe me the spirit of cheerfulness, playfulness and positivity to live life to the fullest.

These scenarios happen every day. So every time I get home, I always ask myself "what significant thing happened today?" Because obviously, I did nothing but to live just for my own good. I just to my class and then I go home. But when I started to look back and analyze a bit, I realize that the there is one common denominator in each scenario. That common denominator is me.

I have found for me, that my life is the most significant thing that happens every day. We are all born for certain reasons, that we will discover as we live our lives. Every day is a new journey.

Well, as for me, I was born to meet all these strangers so I can write their extraordinary stories. I believe that every person has a good story worth telling. In a word, all these people around me, whether foreign or familiar, are the reason why I got a lot more wonderful stories to tell.


John Micael Callao, 20
BA Journalism, 2nd Year
Polytechnic University of the Philippines, Manila