Woman loses her voice for 12 years after accidentally swallowing a coin

July 20, 2019
MARIE McCreadie was just 13 years old when she lost her voice to what doctors could only assume was a freak virus. 12 years later, she was shocked to discover that her sudden loss of voice had been caused by an old coin stuck between her vocal coins, which prevented them from vibrating. This is an old story that is once again getting a lot of attention because of Marie McCreadie ‘s newly published book, “Voiceless”, in which she details the traumatic experience of losing her voice at a young age and regaining it after 12 long years.

Mysterious Staten Island creature reminds witness of Montauk monster

July 16, 2019
That memorable line is from the movie “Crocodile Dundee” in a scene on the streets of New York City when a mugger pulls a switchblade on the Australian crocodile hunter and Dundee (played by Paul Hogan) pulls out a massive bush knife. Cryptozoologists and those who chase Bigfoot and other legendary and allegedly large and dangerous cryptids must feel the same way when they read stories like the recent one out of (coincidentally) Staten Island, New York, where a man finds a mysterious creature in a park and compares it to the Montauk Monster – another New York legend that, while obviously fiercely ugly, was most likely the decaying remains of a dead raccoon. Well, take a look at the pictures of the not-yet-named Staten Island creature and get ready to hold up a picture of your favorite cryptid and shout …

Frankenstein author Mary Shelley kept her dead husband’s heart for 30 years

July 13, 2019
Now, it’s up for debate as to whether she actually carried it around with her, although many claim that she did. Indeed, the New York Times speculates in this article from 1885 that what survived the blaze may have actually been Percy’s liver, saturated with sea water. In any case, Percy’s friends and Mary herself believed the charred remnant was the poet’s heart. And this remnant was definitely found in her desk the year after she died, wrapped in one of the last poems Percy ever wrote, an elegy to John Keats called Adonaïs.

3800-year-old teen skeleton found buried with fortune-telling game

July 13, 2019
The Ouija board was invented in 1890 and was probably played by teens at parties from day one. However, that teen fascination with fortune-telling games has been around for thousands of years. Need proof? A skeleton dating back 3,800 years was unearthed recently in Russia and the teen was buried with the animal bone pieces of an ancient fortune-telling game that’s still played in Mongolia today. Did the teen see this coming?

‘The Duke’ and the FBI: A strange saga

July 12, 2019
Born Marion Morrison in 1907, John Wayne became one of the most well-known Hollywood figures of the 20th century. “The Duke,” as he was known, appeared in more than 140 movies, many of them Westerns. Wayne died on June 11, 1979, at the age of seventy-two. But, it’s not Wayne’s movie career I’m focusing on in this article. Rather, it’s the weird story of Wayne and the FBI. The earliest confirmed FBI interest in John Wayne’s activities occurred on September 22, 1959. The FBI noted on that date that Los Angeles newspapers had broken a story that Wayne was involved “…with a suspected revolt under direction of Roberto (Tito) Arias, son of a former President of Panama and now a lawyer in that country…” The FBI memo continues, “The Hollywood Citizen News quotes Chacon as saying letters and documents found in a suitcase abandoned by Arias, allegedly in a flight from Panama while being sought, including an envelope bearing the name and address of John Wayne. Inside the envelope was said to be an interoffice memorandum to Wayne from a Robert D. Weesner, dated 4/9/59, outlining a ‘schedule of funds totaling $682,850 to or drawn by Tito Arias in connection with his Panamanian operations in which you are involved.”

The mysterious cursed shipwreck of the Gulf of Mexico

July 07, 2019
Deep down in the waters of the Gulf of Mexico lies a graveyard of forgotten history. Littering the bottom like fossils from another era are an estimated 4,000 shipwrecks, ranging from 18th century vessels to sunken German U-boats from World War II, all doomed to remain out of sight and confined to their respective corners of history, remarkably preserved down in the cold murky waters like ancient insects in amber, sometimes in thousands of feet of water within perpetual darkness. This plethora of wrecks from so many different eras has made the Gulf a haven for wreck hunters and scientists, and occasionally a truly mysterious discovery will be made down in the depths. Such is the case of a mysterious unidentified shipwreck from the 1800s which by some accounts might even be actually cursed, haunted, or both.

Some strange and mysterious unbreakable ciphers

July 07, 2019
For as long as humans have been around it seems we have always been constantly trying to concoct codes and ciphers that no one else can read except those we want to. In modern times much attention has been paid to undecipherable texts such as the Voynich manuscript, but this doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface of all of the unbroken, indecipherable codes that are out there. Here we will take a look at some other strange ciphers that are just as mysterious, and just as unsolved.

Scientists say babies will grow in artificial wombs within ten years

July 06, 2019
The abortion debate is once again taking center stage in US politics, and the prospect of artificial wombs is slowly becoming a part of the conversation, as the technology is actually starting to become a reality. According to some experts in the field, we are just a decade away from this type of technology reaching the public.

Italy’s lake garda monster gets its 15 minutes of fame

July 02, 2019
The Loch Ness monster stars on its own 24/7 closed-circuit TV network where wannabe spotters (like a certain famous Irish viewer) can watch for Nessie anytime day or night. Of course, Nessie also gets much of the primetime water monster coverage on cable TV, leaving the rest of the aquatic cryptids to fight for 15 minutes of fame on shows like “Jeremy Wade’s Dark Waters.” That’s where Italy’s Lake Garda monster hit the big time recently. Does it deserve the attention?

The house of creepy haunted mannequins

June 24, 2019
For years if one were to go to the vicinity of the New Hamburg train station in New York, there would be quite a sight awaiting them. There gathering dust and cobwebs, abandoned to the elements, squats a spooky old house called the John Lawson House, originally built in 1845 and one of six structures still remaining in what is called the Main Street Historic District. The wood framed property looks old, worn-down, and very much like a haunted house out of a horror movie or a nightmare, looking just about as creepy as can be, and what makes it all even creepier are the strange inhabitants that once lounged about its porch. Until very recently there sitting upon the weathered wooden deck, was a group of life-sized female mannequins sat out as if enjoying the day, dead eyes staring out into nothingness, yet these were no ordinary mannequins, and they were long one of the strangest, creepiest oddities the area had to offer.

Paranormal activity causes Texas cafe to close its doors

June 24, 2019
There’s a lot of controversy these days about who is being served in cafes and that discourse has now entered the paranormal world. The owner of a café in Texas decided to close it down after a closed-circuit security camera recorded what appeared to be paranormal activity. Is this a ghost expressing an opinion on who should be served at the cafe? Are ghosts allowed to eat there … provided they’re wearing sheets and shoes?

Mysterious flashes of light are coming from the lunar surface

June 23, 2019
With the sudden ubiquity of cell phones, even Boy Scouts are no longer learning semaphore in case they get lost in the woods with only a flashlight. Sure, cell phones have a flashlight too, but most lost campers and hikers will wear down the battery trying to make calls and swearing instead of sending signals. Besides, even a simple SOS signal (three short flashes, three long flashes, three short flashes) depends on someone at the other end knowing Morse code. All of this makes the mysterious light signals coming from the surface of the Moon even more mysterious.

Mystery booms return worldwide

June 23, 2019
Something has changed. For some reason, reports of mysterious or otherwise unexplained booms seem to be far less frequent than they have been in recent memory. Over the past two years, I’ve had plenty of weeks where I’ve had four or five mystery boom reports to share. Throughout the end of April and May, however, reports of these anomalous acoustic disturbances seemed to have slowed a bit. What’s with the sudden slowdown in mystery booms?