Bigfoot protects 3 year old for two nights in the woods

February 12, 2019
A frantic search began for the missing boy. In addition to local efforts, FBI, state investigators and the U.S. Marines Corps from nearby bases at Camp Lejeune and Cherry Point assisted in the search. By the end of the first day, no sign of Casey, and with the weather hovering close to freezing overnight, his odds of survival were not good.

Three dead Oarfish in Japan and the next catastrophic earthquake

February 12, 2019
If oarfish legends are true, Japan. Japanese netizens have been taking to social media to speculate and digitally gesticulate about what this deep sea harbinger may mean for the land of the rising sun. The body of the fish was found tangled in a fishing net on January 28 near the city of Imizu along Japan’s northwest coast and quickly taken to a nearby aquarium for analysis. The fish measured 4 meters in length. Shortly thereafter, two more dead oarfish were found on nearby beaches, prompting some Japanese social media users to predict the worst.

10 wild tales of feral children

February 09, 2019
Danielle was immediately taken from her mother’s custody and sent to the hospital for care and observation. According to the Tampa Bay Times, doctors had no way of knowing the extent of what Danielle had endured. But based on what they had seen, they surmised that she “had never been cared for beyond basic sustenance. Hard as it was to imagine, they doubted she had ever been taken out in the sun, sung to sleep, even hugged or held.” This extreme abuse and neglect had caused Danielle to retreat into herself, her behavior and skills similar to that of an infant. Doctors declared that her abuse would leave her permanently and severely disabled.

10 ordinary domestic things our ancestors did that killed them

February 08, 2019
People from the 19th and early 20th centuries were fascinating, to say the least. Inspired by the Industrial Revolution and groundbreaking scientific discoveries, the average householder developed an interest in inventions, “improving” their lives by using cutting-edge (untested) science and technology in every aspect of their social and domestic lives.

Crimes against children

February 02, 2019
Unless the nature of criminal and immoral activities such as child trafficking, child torture, child rape, trauma-based mind control programming, and child blood sacrifices on the altars of Satan are clearly understood, it will be difficult to intervene in the dark system that is consuming perhaps as many as 8 million children in the world every year.

When we unknowingly create dangerous entities

January 26, 2019
Related, to a degree, to the phenomenon of the thought-form or Tulpa is that of the dangerous poltergeist. As for the German word from which it originates, in English it is “noisy spirit.” The poltergeist is a violent entity which engages in hostile, terrifying activity. It torments those in the home where the activity is taking place, and has the ability to place the victims of the attacks in downright danger. The poltergeist is somewhat different to the average disembodied spirit or Tulpa, however. Faced with the likes of seeing furniture moving across one’s living-room, windows shattering, beds raising off the floor, books flying off their shelves, and electrical items blowing out, it is perfectly natural to ascribe all of this chilling activity to an evil, supernatural entity. Things are not quite as straightforward as that, however. As you will now see. The truth may very well bemuchweirder.

‘Dark Overlord’ hackers threaten leak of thousands of secret 9/11 documents

January 25, 2019
Nothing attracts conspiracy theories quite like a national tragedy. Among American conspiracy theories, none has gotten quite so much attention as the 9/11 terrorist attacks (perhaps aside from the Kennedy Assassination). None of us will forget where we were that morning when we heard the news, the images of the airplanes hitting the buildings burned into our cultural consciousness like shadows left behind on concrete by nuclear blasts. No event has changed the course of modern American history quite like the September 11th attacks, and it is likely for that reason that so many conspiracy theories swirl around the event.

The mysterious case of the Phantom killer

January 20, 2019
In some of the worst we have a nefarious agent of doom that has managed to kill and kill again, only to vanish into history and mystery. One of the most famous of these is a case that involves a strange masked intruder, who went on a killing spree to leave a town completely paralyzed by fear, and who has never been caught. This is the tale of the Phantom Killer.

10 of human history’s most atrocious plagues

January 18, 2019
The entire span of human history has been an arms race of survival adaptations against diseases which seem to be out to completely destroy us, both as individual organisms and as a collective species. Every time we come up with a new technique to combat various communicable diseases, the pathogens responsible change and mutate, becoming better-adapted to our weapons against them. Such is the way of all of life. Theorists are even now drawing comparisons to this dynamic to describe crime, wherein criminals adopt new methods of lawbreaking, only to again be outdone by advances in law enforcement.

Aliens: Believe in us, but not too much.

January 17, 2019
If the September 1961 alien abduction incident reported by Barney and Betty Hill had been a one-off, singular event, then there might be at least some justification in suggesting that the whole event was born out of some strange, shared psychological event.