Bag found that may have once held Sir Walter Raleigh’s head

November 09, 2018
SIR Walter Raleigh hasn’t been in the news for 400 years since he was beheaded on October 29, 1618. This past week, on the 400th anniversary of that event, he was a news item twice … and one of the stories was again about his beheading. Are we in a Raleigh renaissance? Will gentlemen start wearing capes and looking for ladies about to step in puddles? It’s 2018 … will ladies return the favor?

The strange demonic adventures of a prolific exorcist

November 05, 2018
Since time unremembered there have been rumored to be forces from beyond our understanding out to attack, harass, torment, and possess us. As well, just as long as these sinister entities have been around there have been those who would face and confront them, using the power of their faith to battle back the forces of evil. Exorcists have come in many forms and from many walks of life, all trying to keep the power of darkness at bay and becoming the themes of many a horror film.

The final resting places of 7 famous dogs

November 03, 2018
EVERY GOOD DOG DESERVES A proper send-off, but few pups reach a level of fame that earns them a memorial that will be visited for generations. These seven graves comprise a macabre memorial tour of the Western world’s most beloved fallen canines. These burial sites and monuments hold or honor dogs in a manner befitting humankind’s best friend.

Russian astronomer admits the existence of aliens

November 01, 2018
ON a day when NASA, Roscosmos and the rest of the world breathed a collective sigh of relief as a Soyuz MS-10 spacecraft and its crew returned safely to Earth after an aborted launch, news emerges of a leading Russian astronomer who believes we are not alone in the universe. How soon can one of these civilizations get here with a replacement?

Trick or Treat: 6 Creepy Halloween Urban Legends

October 29, 2018
TAKE your pick: poisonous lollipops or murder by a Captain Hook impersonator. Each year, Halloween brings with it a few very elaborate urban legends that keep many trick-or-treaters on their toes. Care to separate fact from fiction? Be careful trick or treaters, a few of these spooky Halloween tales are rooted in fact.

Scientists just made human egg cells from human blood for the first time

October 27, 2018
Scientists in Japan have used human blood to successfully create immature human egg cells in a lab for the first time, according to new research published Thursday in Science. The work is a major breakthrough in stem cell research and may lead the way to babies that can be created in a lab using the body tissues or blood of their relatives.

Apocalyptic dreams don’t necessarily mean the end is coming

October 26, 2018
AS a follow-up to my previous article on the issue of the Black-Eyed Children and what I term “nuclear nightmares,” it’s important (in fact, it’s very important) to note that it’s not necessarily all gloom and doom. As you may recall, last year I wrote a series of articles here at Mysterious Universe on numerous people who had apocalyptic nightmares. They were terrifying dreams of nuclear war and the end of civilization. Many of the people who experienced those unsettling dreams fully believed they were seeing scenes of the future – an irreversible future, one which would impact on everyone on the planet. But, is that really the case? I’ll explain what I mean by that question.