Mysterious and mighty magical weapons of the ancients

December 09, 2018
Humankind has always pursued better ways to more effectively kill each other. It is the nature of the beast for us to want the means to gain the upper hand against our enemies, to better and annihilate them if need be. We have been in a perpetual arms race since time unremembered, practically since the first flickers of consciousness danced within our ancestor’s brains, going from hand, to stick, to stone, to sword, and beyond, ever trying to outdo those who would threaten or oppose us.

Animals reveal their secrets to cheating death

December 07, 2018
When your body breaks down food, it produces free oxygen radicals that damage DNA and cause mutations. These mutations accumulate and ultimately result in aging and cancer. Eating less is, so far, the best way we know of to extend life. But this “secret,” which we only recently uncovered, has actually been out for millions of years, and some animals have gone all out in their quest for immortality.

Pet psychic uses her powers despite being allergic to animals

December 07, 2018
Does your job make you sick? Lots of ‘yes’ answers to that one. Does your job make you sick even though you really like it? That question gets one ‘yes’ answer from Nyack, New York, where a pet psychic loves her job and shows up for work every day despite being allergic to … you guessed it … animals! Her clients and their humans certainly appreciate her efforts and are more than willing to put up with the sneezes. How does she know? Have you been paying attention?

Why ancient egyptians loved cats so much

December 07, 2018
AT the ancient site of Saqarra, just outside Cairo, a 4,500-year-old tomb has yielded an unexpected bounty: dozens of mummified cats and cat statues. The ancient Egyptians’ affinity for animals is well documented. Archaeologists have discovered pampered pet dogs and even private zoos. Cats, however, occupied a special space in Ancient Egypt.

Nimitz unidentified flying object indie doc sheds light in the darkness

December 06, 2018
When filmmaker Dave Beaty heard about the strange encounter in November of 2004 between dozens of ‘Tic-Tac’ shaped UFOs, several Naval fighter jets, and the USS Nimitz battle group, he was captivated. Much like the rest of the tireless researchers, filmmakers, and writers who forge the Ufological narrative, Beaty stayed up late, spending countless hours of his personal time to tell a story.

12 creepiest crimes featured on my favorite murder

December 01, 2018
IF the existence of a podcast that combines the gruesome retellings of true crime murders and the all-too-real anxieties of actually getting murdered with truly hilarious comedy seems impossible to fathom, then you clearly haven’t listened to My Favorite Murder. Hosted by self-proclaimed true crime addicts, comedian Karen Kilgariff and food expert Georgia Hardstark, the pair may be the only duo capable of creating a podcast that is both suspenseful and hysterical.

Science says silence is vital for our brains

November 30, 2018
Studies show that noise has a powerful physical effect on our brains, causing elevated levels of stress hormones. Sound travels to the brain as electrical signals via the ear. Even when we are sleeping these sound waves cause the body to react and activate the amygdala, the part of the brain associated with memory and emotion, leading to the release of stress hormones. So, living in a consistently noisy environment will cause you to experience extremely high levels of these harmful hormones.

Band won’t play in studio until exorcist removes ghosts

November 26, 2018
Rock bands are notorious for their excessive contractual demands, from the famous “no brown M&Ms” of Van Halen to Iggy Pop’s order for seven dwarfs to meet him at the door. Now you can add “bring in an exorcist to chase out the ghosts” to the list. A music act scheduled to play an event at the famous Old Granada Studios on Quay Street in Manchester reportedly demanded an exorcist to clear out whatever was messing with their equipment during rehearsals.

Inside the Flat Earth Conference, where the world’s oldest conspiracy theory ishot again

November 24, 2018
Thousands of years after ancient Greeks began referencing Earth as a sphere in mathematical proofs, people who believe in a flat Earth have become a movement. They’ve found their voice in the disinformation age, fueled by YouTube videos. For true believers, it’s more than just a conspiracy theory. It’s whole world view, a level plane onto which hucksters, trolls, and Christian fundamentalists can insert their own ideologies.

Strange tales of blood-suckers, cults, and sacrifice

November 23, 2018
ON each and every occasion that I have visited Puerto Rico, I have heard fragmentary accounts of a very controversial nature. They are tales to the effect that the island’s chupacabra phenomenon has very little to do with real blood-suckers and far more to do with something else: full-blown animal sacrifice on the part of local occultists. In essence, the tales told to me suggested the chupacabra phenomenon was exploited by one or more cults that used the legend of the (allegedly) blood-sucking chupacabra as a cover to protect and hide their identities and their sacrificial rites and rituals. Moving on…