Albayalde orders tough counter-intel efforts vs rogue cops

September 09, 2019

PHILIPPINE National Police chief, General Oscar D. Albayalde has ordered all police counter-intelligence units led by the PNP Integrity Monitoring and Enforcement Group to further step-up their effort to identify and arrest rogues in uniform with a warning that those who will try to put up a fight will find themselves either in the hospital or six feet underground as officers are under orders to shoot in self-defense.

Principal target of the aggressive counter-operation by the PNP-IMEG headed by Colonel Romeo M. Caramat Jr., the PNP Intelligence Group under Brigadier General Edgar S. Monsalve and the different PNP counter-intelligence units from PNP regional offices and national support units are policemen involved in ‘kotong,’ illegal drugs and other criminal activities.

PNP Highway Patrol Group director, Brig. Gen. Eliseo DC Cruz said he has also ordered his counter-intelligence teams to go after any HPG officer and men who will be found using or in possession of stolen motor vehicles  or giving motor vehicle clearances under the highly-fraudulent ‘non-appearance scheme.’

“Binibigyang babala ko ang ilang opisyal at tauhan ng HPG na nagtatago ng mga na-recover na mga sasakyang ninakaw, tinangay, hindi isinauli, inupahan at isinangla, ‘talon’ at iba pang mga sasakyang hinahanap ng may-ari kahit na ang mga ito ay hindi pa alarmado, tapos na ang mali ninyong gawain,” the member of Philippine Military Academy ‘Bigkis Lahi’ Class of 1990 told his officers and men.

He also gave a stern warning to personnel of the HPG Motor Vehicle Clearance Division  in Camp Crame and those in the regions that those who will be found involved in the highly-anomalous practice of giving HPG Motor Vehicle Clearance Certificates under the so-called ‘non-appearance scheme’ will be sacked and investigated.

Cruz said he has ordered a no-nonsense counter-intelligence effort to stop the anomalous practice. “This effort will not stop until the HPG is free from these unlawful practices. I will see to it that they will all be punished for committing the worst and gravest offense in the Highway Patrol Group,” Cruz warned.

The official said that as part of their own internal cleansing effort, he has ordered strengthened initiatives in cleansing their ranks of scalawags and misfits “who deserve the full force of the law because they are worse than criminals for they use their own uniform and authority to commit crimes against the people they are supposed to serve and protect.”

A former HPG Motor Vehicle Clearance Division chief, Cruz said that apart from counter-intelligence agents, ‘mystery clients’ will be deployed in different HPG offices and regional units to see if his directives are being properly implemented.

The PNP is also targeting to arrest 391 police officers and men  included on the drug watch list of President Duterte, Gen. Albayalde said.

PNP Deputy Director for Intelligence, Brigadier General Ferdinand O. Divina said 441 policemen on the same list have either been declared ‘inactive’ after either being killed in shootouts with the police or have retired or suspended or resigned from the service. Others are already in jail or listed as missing.