Albayalde, PNP delegation back from successful Vietnam ASEANAPOL mission

September 22, 2019

PHILIPPINE National Police chief, General Oscar D. Albayalde is back from a successful mission in Hanoi, Vietnam where he led a 26-strong police delegation in further promoting the exchange of information and capacity-building among all ASEAN police forces during the recently-concluded 39th ASEANAPOL Conference.

During his talks with his ASEAN counterparts, the PNP chief underscored the need for full cooperation among all ASEANAPOL member-countries in the global fight against terror and other transnational crimes specifically illegal drug trafficking and all forms of cyber crimes.

This, he said, can be achieved thru continuous exchange of real-time information, capacity-building and the establishment of ‘point of contact’ officers among one another. Thru this, bilateral and multi-lateral agreements can be made eventually between the PNP and the other ASEAN police forces.

Gen. Albayalde emphasized the need for all ASEAN police forces to ‘keep in step with the times, to be better informed, to be more skilled and most importantly, be adequately armed in the fight against transnational crime syndicates.

The summit is important since it involves policemen and policewomen of diverse cultures, beliefs, persuasions, and competencies pursuing the shared objectives of keeping the ASEAN region safe. It also serves as an avenue in which requests for inquiries to gather more information on criminal matters concerning person of interest and transnational crime issues won’t be a problem due to the existence of the ASEANAPOL Database Systems or e-ADS.

Thru the years, the PNP has addressed many serious problems or at least contained them thru the sharing of information and cooperative assistance provided by each ASEANAPOL member-countries and Dialogue partners, all of whom are experts on peace and order issues and thus have effectively increased regional and international cooperation.

Gen. Albayalde highlighted the need for stronger international cooperation against highly technical criminal activities including those being run by online fraud and cyber sex syndicates victimizing many young people here and abroad.

During his Vietnam trip, the PNP chief also held a bilateral meeting with top officials of the United Kingdom National Crime Agency where he discussed matters including the protection of women and children, training of personnel from the PNP Women and Children Protection Center and other future cooperation in the drive against cyber crimes, human trafficking, money-laundering, terrorism, drugs and other transnational crimes.

Gen. Albayalde  led the PNP delegation to the ASEANAPOL conference where transnational crime issues such as terrorism, illicit drug trafficking, firearms smuggling, wildlife crimes, trafficking in persons, maritime fraud, money laundering, commercial crimes, cyber crime, fraudulent travel documents and transnational fraud were discussed.

The PNP chief presented the country’s paper on current transnational crime concerns, including efforts aimed at strengthening international cooperation with other police forces in the ASEAN against transnational syndicates.

The 39th ASEANAPOL summit was attended by delegations from the Royal Brunei Police Force, Cambodian National Police, Indonesian National Police, Lao People’s Democratic Republic General Department of Police, Royal Malaysia Police, Myanmar Police Force, Philippine National Police, Singapore Police Force, Royal Thai Police, and the host agency, Socialist Republic of Vietnam Police.

Members of the PNP delegation  attended sessions to discuss topics on illicit drug trafficking, terrorism, arms smuggling, trafficking in persons, maritime fraud, commercial crime, cyber crime, fraudulent travel documents, transnational Fraud, ASEANAPOL Database System, mutual assistance on criminal matters, exchange of personnel and training programs, and the ASEANAPOL Forensic Science Network, said PNP spokesman, Brigadier General Bernard M. Banac.

In the sidelines of the conference, the PNP delegation  also held bilateral meetings with the UK National Crime Agency and the Australian Federal Police.

The PNP last hosted the 34th ASEANAPOL Conference in Manila in May 2014, the Philippines being a founding member of the ASEANAPOL which held its first conference in Manila in 1981.