American who hid baby in bag had done it before?

September 05, 2019

Yes, this is what sketchy information reaching members of the airport media says and if true, this is shocking, to say the least.

A colleague, Joel Zurbano of Manila Standard, has done some research and sent to our viber group unverified information regarding the American woman who was nabbed at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) Terminal 3 for trying to sneak out of the country a six-day old baby boy which she hid inside her shoulder bag,

Manila International Airport Authority (MIAA) general manager Ed Monreal has ordered a parallel investigation into the incident involving suspect Jennifer Erin Talbot, 42, of Ohio, USA, who arrived at the NAIA Terminal 3 before 6 a.m. of September 4, for her 8:10 a.m. flight to US via Narita, Japan on board Delta Air flight 180.

Monreal said Talbot initially presented her passport to an immigration officer while the baby boy, born August 29, 2019,  was all the while kept inside her black handcarry bag. Before reaching the final X-ray machine, Talbot brought out the baby from her bag and went through the body search while her luggage underwent X-ray.

She then immediately proceeded to the pre-departure area to wait for her flight to start its boarding until moments later, Talbot was approached by an airline staff and asked for the passports and boarding passes for her and the baby, whom she covered with a sweater but whose feet got exposed and were seen by the airline staff.

Failing to present any documents for the baby boy whom she apparently planned to bring with her to the US, the said airline staff immediately informed her supervisor and called the attention of the immigration who invited Talbot for questioning, so that Monreal had Talbot turned over to the NAIA-National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) for proper disposition while the baby will remain in the custody of the Department of Social Welfare and Development until his real parents are traced.  The baby is said to be Filipino and Talbot had just come from Davao City.

Anyway, back to the data from Zurbano. One Jennifer M. Bhatnagar is an assistant professor at the Boston University’s Department of Biology. The e-mail address on the letterhead bearing her name is ‘JMTalbot@BU.EDU.’

The photo taken of Jennifer Talbot on the day she was apprehended and the one taken by Zurbano from her profile showed that Jennifer Talbot and Jennifer Bhatnagar could be one and the same.  We don’t have a trained eye, so it’s hard to conclude with finality, although some colleagues are certain they are indeed, one and the same.

Fellow airport reporter Sherwin Alfaro says that based on her statements given to one of the agencies investigating the incident involving the baby,  the suspect had already taken out of the country three babies, using the same mode of operation and that the one she was trying to sneak out recently would have been the fourth, if she were not busted.

If these information are all true, I hope that the investigation will go beyond this recent incident and maybe result in the retrieval of the other babies she had earlier taken out.

Considering that she is a biologist, it is scary to think of what might have have happened to the babies or what she was planning to do with the baby that she was caught trying to sneak out of the country.

It is also important to know how the baby ended up with her and what she planned to do once boarding starts, where the airline staff would naturally ask for passport and boarding passes.  Could she have injected the baby with something to put her to sleep for the duration of the entire travel so that she would not cry or make a sound and attract attention? Would she have put the bag where she hid the baby in the overhead bin or under the seat in front of her?

Is she acting alone or a part of a syndicate victimizing babies? Indeed, a deep and thorough investigation must be done regarding this despicable incident.  


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