Back-to-back accomplishments of Dagupan PCP-chief

December 10, 2019

Just recently, PSMS Gerardo ‘Jerry’ Tubera scored a double whammy by leading operatives from the Manila Police District-Dagupan Police Community Precinct and the ‘Task Force Malasakit’  which he both heads, to coming up with two significant accomplishments.

The said task force, which, I learned, is composed mostly of retired Manila policemen, jumped the gun on most of other law enforcement agencies by confiscating boxes of various kinds of prohibited firecrackers that pose hazard to the lives and limbs of its buyers and innocent citizens as well.

Tubera says he received information about the matter and based on it, a surveillance was thoroughly conducted by his subordinates. Once the information gathered was enough, a plan was laid out and an operation was carried out.

The boxes were seized on their way to Divisoria in Binondo, Manila where they were slated to be flagrantly sold to the public.

The boxes were packed in such a way as to mislead authorities, stating that they purportedly contain toys for kids but when checked, they actually had inside a good number of  deadly firecrackers called, ‘Pacquiao’ and ‘piccolo,’ which are both among those highly prohibited for being dangerous.

Those found to be in possession of the confiscated boxes and who were about to sell them did not only lack the necessary permit but also did not have a permanent stall at all. Tubera said those in possession of the boxes admitted that they actually planned to sell ‘guerilla style’ in front of the Divisoria Mall on  MD Santos Street.

Before that, Tubera also led his operatives in busting the activities of a couple identified by his informants as suppliers of ‘solvent’ to minors, specially streetchildren frequenting the area of Tondo.

The suspects, Romeon and Esperanza Lontoc, aged 36 and 31, were busted right in their home at 392 -B Asuncion corner Lakandula Streets in Tondo, Manila, as part of an anti-criminality campaign being conducted by the PCP-Dagupan in the area. Both were charged before the Manila Prosecutor’s Office with violation of Presidential Decree 1619 otherwise known as ‘unauthorized sale of volatile substances.’

Prior to that, also based on tipped information, Tubera and his team conducted surveillance regarding the illegal activities of the couple.

Once verification was made and the information proved to be true, Tubera created a team which he dispatched to the suspects’ home.  There, the operatives found three huge plastic containers of solvent and a plastic pail also containing solvent.

It turned out that the couple had been mixing solvent and selling them to minors in various parts of Tondo. These solvents are then placed in small plastic bags and sold to children in small amounts.

The buyers, practically kids, sniff them all day long to get ‘high’ either to be able to forget hunger or become emboldened to commit crimes.

These remarkable accomplishments of Tubera and his teams, coming one after another, are  one for the books. They are equally significant in that the people that got busted and arrested for their illegal activities meant to harm the innocent.

In the case of illegal firecracker vendors, innocent lives would have been endangered if the said illicit items found their way into the markets.

On the other hand, the couple selling solvent to kids would have destroyed the lives of so many  minors had they not been stopped on their tracks.

If only for these reasons alone, Tubera and his group deserve accolades for a job well done.

Tubera is a long-time ally of Mayor Isko Moreno who, once again, was proven to have made the right decision in tapping him (Tubera)  to head his current posts.

Kudos to Tubera and Mareng Annie, a ranking member of the Manila City Development Information Services who also happens to be his ‘commander-in-chief.’ Good job!!


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