BBB program

July 12, 2019

THE Duterte administration has a program it calls Build, Build, Build (BBB) to accelerate infrastructure spending and develop industries that will yield robust growth, create jobs and improve the lives of the people.

Under the highly-ambitious program, the government is seeking to construct big-ticket infrastructure projects, including airports, railways, bus rapid transits, roads and bridges, and seaports in various parts of the country.

In the view of many, Germany’s offer to be a partner in the program monuments the international community’s willingness to help the Duterte administration in hastening the development of this impoverished nation.

German Ambassador to the Philippines Dr. Gordon Kricke said his country can be an ideal partner in the multi-pronged BBB program because of its excellent reputation in infrastructure development.

The highly-progressive European country has the expertise and construction companies that offer services on infrastructure development, according to the German envoy.

“We have companies, like the Herrenknecht AG, which is one of the world leaders in building tunnels for infrastructure development so I think Germany is an ideal partner…for the Build, Build, Build program,” he said.

Projects under the program include the Subic-Clark Railway; the North-South railway projects connecting Los Banos, Laguna to Tutuban, Manila and Clark Freeport in Pampanga; and a 1,500-hectare industrial park, also in Clark.

People believe that by launching the BBB program, the Duterte government is committed to spread the benefits of economic development even right down to the far-flung communities across the country.

Thus, the offer of Germany to participate in the program should be welcomed by all sectors of society.