Bike lanes

July 13, 2020

VARIOUS quarters concede that many business firms continue to suffer due to the continued lack of public utility vehicles (PUVs), particularly buses and jeepneys, to transport workers and the buying public.

This is in addition to the many quarantine restrictions imposed by national and local government agencies as part of all-out efforts to address the crippling coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic.

Perhaps, local government units (LGUs) throughout the Philippines should install more bike lanes to encourage the people to use bicycles, according to neophyte Senator Christopher Lawrence “Bong” Go.

What is needed is the designation of more bicycle lanes with proper markings, road safety signs and lighting, among other safety measures, when feasible, said Go, a close associate of President Duterte.

“This is both to encourage more people to use bicycles as an active mode of transportation and to ensure their safety, particularly those plying busy highways and streets in big cities and towns.

At the same time, the former Special Assistant to the President, a known pro-poor member of Congress, called on the country’s motorists and cyclists to follow traffic laws, rules and regulations.

Despite the gradual relaxation of quarantine restrictions, public transportation remains a big challenge for many Filipinos in many areas because of the imposition of social distancing measures.

Without doubt, the use of bicycles is a move in the direction considering the worsening problem of global warming, which threatens the existence of plants and animals in various parts of the globe.

In urging the designation of more bicycle lanes in the country, Senator Go has demonstrated anew his determination to address the acute shortage of PUVs not only in the metropolis but elsewhere.

This will be good for the nation and the Filipino people, particularly the commuting public.