City Hall underpass vandals violated two laws

November 14, 2019

One could not help but feel angry and highly-dismayed over the recent vandalism of the newly-refurbished City Hall underpass (it’s not Lagusnilad underpass as some erroneously think because Lagusnilad underpass is a vehicular underpass while the City Hall underpass is the one for pedestrians).

As if what the vandals did was not disgusting enough, their group that owned up to the dastardly act—–like it’s something to be proud of— now insults the intelligence of the public by claiming that what they did was not vandalism but an ‘art protest.’  

Having seen what this group wrote on the walls, I can only ask: Where the hell is the art in that? They were nothing but template leftist, anti-government slogans in ugly handwriting and directed against the national government.

The arrogance doesn’t end there, mind you. The group, whose name I would not ever mention because it does not deserve this space and apparently only wants publicity, then comes out with a statement where it said they are ‘’willing to talk ...(to the mayor) to discuss the matter.’  It’s as if Mayor Isko Moreno is interested in talking to them at all or is the one who begs for an audience with them.Duhhh!

In so many words, the vandals claimed to be advocating for good governance, justice and political uprightness but look at what they have done.

We all know that Mayor Kois had been turning night into day just to turn around Manila from the quagmire of decay it’s been buried deep into for the past several years. Working alongside him of course are his officials down to the lowliest workers, who have put so much effort to clean up and beautify the City Hall underpass so as to inspire Manilans into going with the flow of change.

And then the vandalism, done in a fashion like how thieves attack in the middle of the night. The lowly workers are the ones who suffered since they are the ones who had to clean up all over again. Where’s justice and compassion in that?  

I don’t care how they justify what they have done but the point is, they have violated a city ordinance and even a national law.

Vice Mayor Honey Lacuna, who is also the presiding officer of the Manila City Council that passes ordinances, said the vandals flagrantly violated Ordinance 7971 which prohibits the defacing of any public property. Said ordinance carries a fine of from P1,000 to P5,000 or imprisonment of from six months to one year or both, depending on the court’s discretion.

Colleague and good friend Arnold ‘Igan’ Clavio of GMA 7, reacting to an FB post of mine where I posed the question of whether or not the vandals deserve and audience with Mayor Kois, said:’ According to the 14th congress of the Philippines, Senate Bill No. 3042 or Anti-Vandalism Act of 2009: Any person who shall commit any...acts of vandalism shall, in addition to payment of the expenses for restoration of the property vandalized, suffer the following penalties: For the first offense, the payment of a fine in the amount of P5,000; for the second offense, P8,000 and for the third offense, P10, 000, plus imprisonment of not less than 30 days but not more than one year, depending on the gravity of the infraction. Dapat yan ang ipintura nila doon sa West Philippine Sea.’

A friend of long standing, Joey Venancio, owner/publisher of Police Files Tonite, said: ‘Naging aktibista rin ako pero never kong ginawa yan. Kagaguhan na yan eh!Jail them!  Or community service.’

Another long-time friend, former NPC President and now Environment Undersecretary Benny Antiporda reacted thus: ‘Gago yang mga yan bakit pagsasayanganng oras ni Yorme yan. Burahin nila yang ginawa nilabago sila humiling ng pakikipag usap. Kapatid, pagnahuli ang mga iyan, itali sa pader at lahat ng dumaan libre silang pinturahan din.’

Even my own editor, Tess Lardizabal, had this to say: ‘Pag nakuha nila gusto nila there’s nothing that would stop them from vandalizing and making demands again. And the vicious cycle continues. Let them write their love letters on jail walls.’

Easily, based on reactions from netizens speciallyManilans, the vandals did not get a tinge of sympathy to their alleged ‘cause.’ Just hatred for what I see as nothing but an attempt to gain publicity. WTF!


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Jokjok (from Jude Collantes of Sta. Ana, Manila )— PEDRO: ‘Tay, totoo po ba? Sabi kasi ni kuya, may mumu daw sa kusina natin?/TATAY: Naku, anak, ‘wag ka nga maniwala dun! Di totoo yun!/PEDRO: Sigurado ka, ‘tay, ha?/TATAY:Oo, hay ang kulet! Buti pa, samahan mo na lang ako sakusina, kukuha lang ako ngtubig..


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