Counting the ways PNP reformation is being conducted

October 10, 2019

DURING the time of former Philippine National Police chief, now Senator Ronald ‘Bato’ M. dela Rosa, the latter approved 23 measures aimed at seeing to it that the ‘reformation’ of errant police officers and men will be ensured by the PNP Disciplinary Team he created to go after rogues in uniform specifically those involved directly or indirectly with illegal drug trafficking and abuse and other criminal activities.

Journal Group sources said that dela Rosa’s successor, Gen. Oscar D. Albayalde, saw to it that the measures will be fully instituted, with the ‘Reformation Phase’ of the ongoing PNP crackdown against rogues fully anchored on ‘reactive measures’ wherein individual PNP personnel charged with disciplinary and non-disciplinary actions shall undergo various activities depending on the resolution or penalty imposed by disciplinary/appointing authority.

The question however is this: are all ground commanders complying with the directive and seeing to it that the so-called ‘bata-bata system’ will really be a thing of the past?

Some of the measures  follow;

1. All PNP personnel shall observe the Delinquency Report System and Personnel with more than 15 but not exceeding 20 demerits per month shall undergo ‘Balik sa Kampo’ program in the Police Regional Office.

2. All PNP personnel with more than 20 demerits per month shall be administratively charged for simple neglect of duty.

3. All reinstated  personnel (from dismissal/DFR or AWOL) shall be initially assigned in PHAU or its equivalent office in PROs/NSUs for a maximum period of 30 days and undergo medical/neuropsychiatric examination and drug tests provided by RA No. 8551 as requirement for the restoration of pay, salary and allowances.

4. All reinstated personnel  shall undergo a 3-day orientation on Letter of Instruction (LOI) SUGO  and Command Memorandum Circular PAGGABAY, LOI LUSOG KAISIPAN and LOI PAMANA which includes the Code of Conduct and Ethical Standard.

5. All reinstated personnel shall be assigned only to operational field units within his/her PRO/NSU after undergoing basic training on operation and rendering one-year patrol duties.

6. All reinstated personnel (AWOL/DFR) shall be qualified for promotion three years after the reinstatement provided that the qualification standard for promotion shall be observed

7. All reinstated personnel shall not be allowed to return to former position or last assignment but instead be assigned to other field assignment within his/her respective PRO/NSU and shall be included in the list of personnel under Counter-Intelligence Monitoring.

8. All reinstated personnel with adjudication of being illegally dismissed by final judgment shall be exempted from rendering one-year patrol duties and may be allowed to return to former /last unit assignment.

9. All personnel exonerated from the administrative charge/s or reinstated from dismissal or DFR shall be subjected to counter-intelligence monitoring. This includes those POs/PCOs who were exonerated from Termination Proceedings.

10. All personnel who travel abroad without travel authority shall be administratively charged and shall be relieved from the position until the final disposition of the administrative case.

11. All personnel who shall be absent without official leave (AWOL) shall not receive any salary under the principle of ‘No Work, No Pay’ and the number of AWOL shall be deducted from the length of service with corresponding deduction in leave credits.

12. All decisions granting the Motion for Restoration (MR) on Dropped from Rolls (DFR) cases shall include that the respondents shall be subjected to physical and mental examinations and drug tests and shall be subjected to Pre-Charge Investigation and if probable cause exists be subjected to summary hearing procedures. Prior to the restoration salary, pay and allowances, the respondent must have passed the drug test and NP examination.

13. Upon the return of the personnel who had been ordered AWOL, an order of return to active duty, not an order lifting the AWOL status shall be issued. The order shall indicate that the subject is assigned to Personnel Holding and Accounting Unit or its equivalent in the PROs/NSUs in compliance with the above provisions.

14.   All reinstated personnel shall be accounted for firearms issued and other money/property accountability prior to his or her previous separation/dismissal from the service.

15.  In case of restoration, the period of DFR shall be deducted from the years of service rendered and also be deducted from the leave credits earned by PNP personnel which shall negatively affect the SLL ranking of concerned personnel.

16. All ‘restrictive custody’ orders shall be issued only by the duly-authorized officer as provided under NMC No. 2016-002. Such order shall be terminated upon final disposition of administrative case or issuance of Warrant of Arrest by court of proper jurisdiction or upon issuance of order lifting the restrictive Custody by the issuing authorized officer.

17. All respondents under restrictive custody shall be under the custody of Headquarters Support Service or its equivalent unit in the PROs which shall be responsible for the accounting and securing of the subject personnel.

18.  In case the penalty of suspension is imposed, the respondent uniformed personnel shall turn in his/her issued firearm, ammunition and other paraphernalia covered by an Acknowledgment Receipt of Equipment (ARE) to his/her immediate superior (COP/Division Chief/ Director,NSU).

19. All first-time offenders sanctioned by administrative penalties except dismissed/separation from service shall be prioritized to undergo one-day stress management and spiritual counseling to be monitored by DLOD/DLOS.

20.  All offenders repeatedly endorsed by administrative penalties except dismissal/separation from service shall be assigned to PHA/RPHAU... or any equivalent offices for five days and shall undergo psychological assessment and evaluation, stress management and spiritual counseling as requirement for their assignment to field units other than their former assignments except NUP.

21.  All personnel demoted in rank shall only be promoted to the next rank upon completion of appropriate time-in grade reckoning from the time of the attestation of demoted rank

22. All personnel detained shall be issued an order of Automatic Leave of Absence without pay by Chief. Admin and be accounted by PHAU or its equivalent office in the PROs/NSUs; and

23. All personnel promoted in ranks with pending criminal cases after found guilty by final judgment shall be subjected to the provisions of RA No. 9708.