Drug using cops have no room on the force

September 03, 2019

I am reiterating this stand in the aftermath of the arrest of a 41-year old patrolman who was caught on video sniffing shabu triggering his arrest by agents of the PNP Integrity Monitoring and Enforcement Group during a buy-bust operation in Muntinlupa City on Monday night.

The shocking and disgusting video showed Patrolman Leo Valdez sniffing shabu, inhaling the smoke from the drug like an ordinary drug addict prompting PNP chief, General Oscar Albayalde to scold him in front of the media yesterday. “Pulis ka addict ka.Pulis ka nagsha-shabu ka, tapos sasabihin ng mga katulad mo pinapahiya namin sila. Ang tanong ko, sino ang pinapahiya ng mga pulis na katulad mo? Hindi ba ang pinapahiya ninyo ay ang mga pamilya ninyo at ang buong kapulisan,” an angry Gen. Albayalde asked Pat. Valdez as he showed him the actual video of him sniffing shabu with several companions.

A lingering question which should be answered by the PNP is who helped Valdez return to the PNP despite him being dismissed from the force for a supposed drug-related case in 2014.  It turned out that Valdez entered the police force in 2007 but went on AWOL status in 2014 due to alleged use of illegal drugs and was fired. However, he was restored in the police service in 2017.

If it is true that Valdez got his reinstatement order in 2017, the question now is who signed it since it was already under the administration of President Duterte who is known for his iron-fist policy against crooked cops.

Could it also be possible that any of the policemen arrested and jailed for involvement in illegal drugs since the start of the Duterte administration in 2016 have already posted bail or were acquitted of the charges filed against them and are now back in the police force. If it’s really the case, how many of them specifically those in PRRD’s dreaded list are now back in the force wearing their uniforms, badges and guns anew, have received backpays and are receiving salaries anew?

What happened to the supposed ‘digitization’ of the criminal and administrative records of rogues in PNP uniform? Supposedly, ‘digitizing’ these records will prevent rogues in the police force from just whiling away their time and enjoying the fruits of their crime before applying for reinstatement to the force by claiming they were not afforded ‘due process.’ What should be feared here is the fact that many rogues in uniform who were dismissed under the present government will only wait for the next administration to file motion for reinstatement by claiming they were denied ‘due process.’

Gen. Albayalde said he wants to find out how Valdez managed to return to the PNP. Gusto kong malaman kung sino ang tumulong sa kanya na makabalik sa serbisyo,” he said. Supposed to be, Gen. Albayalde said that policemen dismissed from the service for involvement in drugs cannot get a reinstatement. “They supposedly are banned from returning to the force,” he said.

The PNP chief said that they will be checking if the suspect was reinstated thru a ruling issued by the Regional Appelate Board of the National Police Commission.  “Me mga kaso na nareversed ang dismissal order ng mga tiwaling pulis ng RAB, complete with backpay pa,” he admitted.

Obviously, rogue policemen are taking advantage of the thing called ‘due process’ in filing a motion before the Napolcom’s RAB. “Me nasho-shortcut na proseso, me naooverlook sa rules at yun ang sinasamantala nila, the PNP chief said. He added that they are addressing the matter and are seeing to it that dismissed policemen won’t find any loopholes in the PNP decision that would score them a favorable ruling from the Napolcom.

On a personal note, I would like to congratulate the officers and men of the PNP-IMEG headed by Colonel Bong Caramat of PMA ‘Tanglaw Diwa’ Class of 1992 and the PNP Intelligence Group headed by Brigadier General Edgar Monsalve for arresting the drug-sniffing and drug-pushing Pat. Valdez.

It means that the PNP-IMEG and the PNP-IG won’t hesitate to arrest a scalawag cop once they receive an information from the public. On Thursday last week, PNP-IMEG and PNP-IG operatives also joined the NCRPO Regional Drug Enforcement Unit under Maj. Gen Gilor Eleazar in arresting ex-Patrolman Victor Bustamante Jr. in a. buy-bust operation in Muntinlupa City.

The two rogues in uniform are lucky to be alive since they did not make any effort to resist the arresting officers, a proof that our good policemen will only be forced to defend themselves once a suspect becomes violent and offer a violent resistance.

Expect the PNP-IMEG, the PNP-IG and the NCRPO to account for more rogue cops—there are 391 others in President Duterte or PRRD’s list  as of yesterday, I was told by my friend, Brig. Gen. Ferdie Divina, a member of PMA ‘Maringal’ Class of 1988 who is currently the PNP Deputy Director for Intelligence.

Divina said that originally, there were 854 policemen in the President’s list of ‘narco-policemen’  but 441 of them either been declared as ‘inactive’ after either being killed in shootouts with the police or have retired or suspended or resigned from the service. Others are already in jail or listed as missing. Divina said that retired policemen in the list are already included in the list of civilian ‘high-value’ targets.