Duterte’s reminder

January 14, 2020

THE non-completion of government projects, including those designed to uplift the living conditions of the people, before June 30, 2022 is something President Duterte will never allow.

In other words, Cabinet secretaries ought to ensure that all their projects are finished before the end of the six-year presidency of the tough-talking Chief Executive from Davao City.

Thus, President Duterte was certainly right when he reminded his department secretaries to avoid pursuing projects that cannot be completed in his remaining two-and-a-half years in office.

“Do not go into projects which you cannot finish within the two-year time left for me in office,” Duterte told his Cabinet officials.

Duterte has sought to maximize the use of his “available” powers to ensure the full and effective implementation of his administration’s “Build, Build, Build” infrastructure program.

Under the multi-pronged program, some P9 trillion has been earmarked for the implementation of 100 key infrastructure projects and over 10,000 small infrastructure projects.

Of the 100 flagship infrastructure projects, 38 are set to be completed by 2022, when President Duterte, the first Mindanaoan to hold the country’s top political post, leaves Malacanang.

We are made to believe that President Duterte is out to hit hard at all public servants involved in illegal activities, assuring the public that he is closely monitoring all public transactions.

This is to ensure that the Filipino taxpayers’ hard-earned money is being utilized correctly.

Of course, the administration cannot afford to allow corrupt government officials and employees to torpedo the implementation of its socio-economic development projects and programs.