Efforts of Mayor Kois, victims’ families and lawmen wasted by misplaced GCTA

September 03, 2019

In the wake of the brouhaha caused by the near release of former Caluan, Laguna Mayor Antonio Sanchez following his conviction for murder and rape for which he was sentenced to seven life terms, my heart goes out to the families of victims of heinous crimes whose suspects have either already gotten out or are among the 11,000 slated to be freed under the good conduct time allowance (GCTA) system.

The discovery of the controversial list that reportedly included heinous crime convicts and even notorious alien drug traffickers, has created a ripple of fear not only among the families of those who caused the former’s incarceration but also the public in general.

In Manila, Mayor Isko Moreno has standing orders and even put up bounties for the arrest of persons who are ‘wanted’ by the law or are fugitives from justice. And to think that these individuals have not yet been convicted with finality.

The logic behind this, according to the good mayor, is that he does not want ‘wanted’ persons mingling with regular, law-abiding citizens for the simple reason that they will only put  such peace-loving people in grave danger.

Moreno’s rationale is not without basis. With standing arrest warrants to their name, these ‘wanted’ individuals are naturally targets of law enforcement authorities and when these lawmen operate, it cannot be ensured that the suspects will not put up any armed resistance in which case, the authorities have no option but to engage.  In any shooting encounter, the possibility of having casualties or collateral damage is also not remote.

Not only that. Moreno fears for the safety of his constituents when suspects for extreme cases like rape, homicide, murder, drug trafficking and kidnapping for instance, roam the streets of Manila freely or immerse in innocent communities whose members may become their prey at any given time.

Those behind the CGTA controversy has apparently put to naught the good intentions of Moreno and even the law enforcement agencies primarily tasked to hunt down fugitives from justice and maintain peace and order such as the PDEA, NBI and the Philippine National Police (PNP) in general.

As it turns out, while these agencies  are busy collecting persons ‘wanted’ for various crimes —one after another if they are lucky enough— there are government people lamentably preoccupied with releasing -–in thousands, mind you— those who have been convicted also for various major crimes, heinous ones included.

Worse, the families of these convicts’ victims are not aware that those whose incarceration they  caused are already free or slated to be get out of jail, making them open targets or mere sitting ducks for vengeance. Ditto with witnesses.

While these are going on, all the sufferings they went through, all those nightmares, anxiety, sleepless nights and heartaches are all coming back.  The number of years they spent on struggling to get justice is now nothing but time wasted.

All the effort, precious time, money and energy that drained each and every family just so they could focus on getting a conviction and make sure the suspects land behind bars are gone with the wind. Suddenly, they are victims all over again.

When someone in the family dies, it is super hard to move on. In fact, there is no totally moving on. The pain may become manageable over the years but it never really goes away.

What more if you lose a loved one to a heinous crime perpetrated by those in whose hands too much wealth and power have been wrongly placed? Who deserves to be a victim of such? The pain that the victims’ families are being subjected to, amid the controversy over the GCTA grant, is unimaginable, one that you won’t wish even for your worst enemy.

Call me mean but if insinuations are true that some unscrupulous individuals made money out of releasing undeserving convicts, to the detriment of the public who may be endangered, I could only wish the worst karma for them.

I just hope that none of their loved ones would fall victim to any of those convicts whose release they facilitated.


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Jokjok (from Charisse Baldoz of Pasig City)— MISIS: Hoy Pedro! Bakit may tatlong itlog sa loob ng cabinet at me kasama pang P50,000?/PEDRO: Kasi, tuwing niloloko kita, naglalagay ako ng isang itlog sa cabinet!/MISIS: O, eh bakit may P50,000 pa?/PEDRO: Kasi,tuwing umaabot ng isang dosena ‘yung mga itlog, binebenta ko! O, di ba ang laki na ng ipon ko??


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