Erring HPG men

September 26, 2019

THE deployment of counter-intelligence agents and “mystery clients” is a welcome development in the fight against irregularities in the Philippine National Police-Highway Patrol Group (PNP-HPG).

The use of “mystery clients” to check the presence of erring officers and men, specifically those using recovered stolen motor vehicles, is a brainchild of PNP-HPG director B/General Eliseo DC Cruz.

“Beware but we have ‘mystery clients’ who have been deployed in different HPG offices…to see if my directives are being implemented properly,” said Cruz, who assumed the top HPG post last August.

He warned personnel of the HPG Motor Vehicle Clearance Division at Camp Crame in Quezon City and in the regions not to issue clearance certificates under the so-called “non-appearance” scheme.

That’s why nobody was surprised when Cruz ordered the relief and filing of criminal and administrative charges against seven HPG officers for involvement in the production of fake HPG vehicle clearances for a fee.

The seven suspects have been issuing fake, falsified and photo-shopped pictures of vehicles, making us believe that the vehicles in photos appeared in their offices, according to the HPG director.

Cruz, a former chief of the Motor Vehicle Clearance Division, described the practice as highly irregular since it could lead to the issuance of HPG clearances to stolen motor vehicles.

Of course, we are made to believe that the deployment of counter-intelligence operatives and “mystery clients” will not stop until the PNP-HPG is free from all unlawful practices.

Certainly, erring HPG personnel will all be punished for committing offenses that tarnish the image of not only the HPG but the whole PNP, which is civilian in nature but national in scope.