Fighting the oligarchy would define President Duterte’s legacy

December 06, 2019

THIS is to “salute” President Duterte for “bringing it on” against the country’s oligarchy when he recently bared some of the most despicable and onerous provisions of the “one-sided contract” past governments, starting with the FVR regime, entered into with the Ayalas, the Lopezes and the MVP Group for the distribution of one of our vital natural resources, water.

For yours truly, this is one momentous fight where every Juan and Juana (read: the poor Filipinos) should stand squarely with the government.

For already, just hours after revealing on Wednesday night that Manila Water and Maynilad were granted a truly enviable “sweetheart deal” by his predecessors, starting from Ramos (under whose term the “privatization” of MWSS was signed in 1997), pseudo-patriots and “pro-people” groups—from respected journos to “NGOs,” were quick to defend the Ayalas who should be aptly labeled, “vulture capitalists.”

Bakit nila ipinagtatanggol ang mga Oligarkiya sa kabila ng kanilang sistematikong pandarambong sa yaman ng bansa at sa kakapiranggot na kinikita ng masang naghihirap sa pamamagitan ng mataas na singil sa tubig eh, siyempre, “alam na this,” hindi ba mga kabayan? “Nakatabo” (read: nakapayola) kasi sa mga oligarkiya ang mga ipokritong ito, sabihin pa!

I also salute Pres. Digong for “prefacing” his revelation by telling everyone that he fully knows the consequences of his decision to renegotiate the agreements with the oligarchy when he warned that if they “hit” him and make efforts to bring him down, he’ll take them down with him—including their stooges and puppets in Congress and the Senate.

And even as I am writing this, we should not be surprised anymore if the efforts to illegally remove our President (again) is already underway.

The public should be reminded that when then Pres. Erap also refused to grant Manila Water and Maynilad’s request for water rate increase while also refusing to increase the fare for the MRT (also partly owned by the Ayalas), the oligarchy simply closed ranks—and funded all the destabilization moves against him, eventually leading to his illegal removal in 2001 under the romanticized fiction of ‘EDSA Dos.’

Recall too, that among the most memorable video/photograph of the last days of Erap in power was the Ayalas—Don Jaime Zobel no less—participating in that elite-funded ‘People Power’ at the EDSA Shrine.

Kumbaga, hindi na “itinago” ng mga Ayala na “sila” at mga katulad nilang mga elitista ang nasa “likod” ng pagpapabagsak sa ating lehitimong gobyerno.

And from Pres. Marcos to Pres. Erap, the elite seemed to have “perfected” the “template” on how to make and unmake a Philippine government thru “organized chaos” and of course, thru the shameless use of the “masses.”

On this, the Left (read: the communists) must have been dancing with glee— “funding” for their 50 plus years effort to bring down any government in power may no longer be a problem pretty soon, hehehe!

This is not idle thoughts, dear readers, if we recall that PNoy’s family, his parents most especially, were instrumental in the formation and growth of the CPP-NPA, as records would now show.

What this relationship show of course is that the elite has long been the “silent partner” of the communists in forcing the government to kowtow to their vested interests and if it does not, then the country can expect for really turbulent days ahead.

Nevertheless, should PDU30 succeed, the bringing back to the State (read: the Filipino people) the power of control over its natural resources would be his defining legacy.

In other words too, the success on the war on drugs would pale in comparison to this.

In closing, I stand behind you on this, Mr. President!