Honesty prevails at NAIA

November 02, 2019

Here’s another inspiring story which happened at the premier Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) Terminal 1 recently.

Just last October 31, another airport worker has shown honesty in the line of duty by turning over a pouch containing dollar bills to the NAIA 1 authorities.

According to details provided for by media affairs division chief Jess Martinez and public affairs office head Ma. Connie Bungag, security guard on-duty at the arrival conveyor area Sanzebal Mastul, spotted a pouch at one of the carousels.  

Instantaneously, Mastul immediately headed to the paging section to look for the possible owner of the pouch.  However, no one came forward despite several announcements.

The pouch was later surrendered to the lost and found section of the Manila International Airport Authority (MIAA). There, a joint inventory in the presence of Mastul was made and yielded a remarkable amount of cash, but there was no identification card whatsoever that would lead to the owner.  

As of this writing, lost and found authorities are still waiting for the claimant of the said pouch, who should be able to prove without a doubt that he/she is its rightful owner.

MIAA General Manager Ed Monreal said the description of the pouch and the amount found inside cannot be disclosed, since they will be used as among the many factors that would determine or establish conclusively if the claimant is legitimate or not.

GM Monreal said that based on information furnished him, Sanzebal Mastul is 37 years old and has been a security guard in NAIA for the past 12 years.

Airport Manager Monreal expressed his gratitude to Mastul for his honesty.

‘I salute you, Sir. This is just one act that proves that the culture of honesty is truly present in the NAIA,’ were his words to Mastul upon learning of what he had done.

Just like others before him who also displayed honesty while on duty, the said security guard will be given due recognition by the MIAA. GM Monreal usually  gives commendation during flag-raising ceremonies, in the presence of all airport officers and employees.

During peak season such as ‘Undas,’ where passenger volume surges, passengers leaving behind various kinds of things is commonplace.

Congrtulations to Mastul for making Filipinos proud and for adding a feather to the cap of our premier international airports.


In view of the 6.5 magnitude earthquake which affected certain areas in Mindanao, the Task Force on Energy Resiliency (TFER) had been activated and is now gathering data on the status of energy facilities.

Department of Energy Secretary Alfonso Cusi assures the public of updates on the matter.

Unfortunately, Mindanao Geothermal Power Plant (MGPP) 1 and 2, with a total net generation of 94 megawatts, tripped due to very high equipment vibrations caused by the quake.

Sec. Cusi said the Mindanao transmission backbone remains intact. However, NGCP’s Kidapawan substation suffered damages while nine electric cooperatives in the affected areas have been fully restored.

There are no other reports of transmission facilities or high-voltage equipment affected in the areas where the earthquake was felt.  

The DOE assures it is doing everything possible to normalize power situation in hardest-hit areas.

Let us all hope and pray for the best for those living in those affected areas.


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