HPG chief to fire, jail men using recovered stolen motor vehicles

August 29, 2019

PHILIPPINE National Police Highway Patrol Group (PNP-HPG) director, Brigadier General Eliseo DC Cruz said any HPG officer or men who will be found using or in possession of stolen motor vehicles  or giving motor vehicle clearances under the highly-fraudulent ‘non-appearance scheme’ will find themselves being arrested, jailed and prosecuted to the hilt, the Journal Group learned yesterday.

“Binibigyang babala ko ang ilang opisyal at tauhan ng HPG na nagtatago ng mga narecover na mga sasakyang ninakaw, tinangay, hindi isinauli, inupahan at isinangla, ‘talon’ at iba pang mga sasakyang hinahanap ng may-ari kahit na ang mga ito ay hindi pa alarmado, tapos na ang mali ninyong gawain,” the member of Philippine Military Academy ‘Bigkis Lahi’ Class of 1990 told his officers and men during a command conference last week.

He also gave a stern warning to personnel of the HPG Motor Vehicle Clearance Division  in Camp Crame and those in the regions that those who will be found involved in the highly-anomalous practice of giving HPG Motor Vehicle Clearance Certificates under the so-called ‘non-appearance scheme’ will be sacked and investigated.

Cruz said he has ordered a no-nonsense counter-intelligence effort to stop the anomalous practice. “This effort will not stop until the HPG is free from these unlawful practices. I will see to it that they will all be punished for committing the worst and gravest offense in the Highway Patrol Group,” Cruz warned.

The official said that as part of their own internal cleansing effort, he has ordered strengthened initiatives in cleansing their ranks of scalawags and misfits “who deserve the full force of the law because they are worse than criminals for they use their own uniform and authority to commit crimes against the people they are supposed to serve and protect.”

Cruz said that appropriate criminal and administrative charges will be filed against any HPG officer or men who will violate his strict directive. He added that HPG regional chiefs and heads of different operating and administrative units whose men will be found to have violated his rules will also be held accountable under the principle of command resposiblity.

Also a former HPG Motor Vehicle Clearance Division chief, Cruz said that apart from counter-intelligence agents, ‘mystery clients’ will be deployed in different HPG offices and regional units to see if his directives are being properly implemented.

Cruz also directed his regional chiefs to stop issuing HPG clearances including permits to change color or change engine to motor vehicles which are not registered in their areas. “That’s a basic policy. Pag nagbigay ka ng clearance sa isang sasakyan sa Mindanao pero naka-assign ka sa Visayas o Luzon, tiyak na me kalokohan diyan at me connivance ang opisyal sa tiwaling LTO personnel sa pagrerehistro ng illegal na sasakyan,” he said.

Lastly, the official said that all HPG Certificate of Non-Recovery must be issued without delay to the aggrieved party once they applied for it.

In the past, there were complaints that issuance of CNRs being requested by individuals who lost their motor vehicles to thieves are being delayed by some HPG personnel in order to extract money from the CNR applicants.

Cruz said that he also wants the putting up of ‘Alarmed Vehicle Verification Desks’ put up in all HPG offices nationwide to prevent the innocent and good faith buyers from buying stolen and questionable motor vehicles and motorcycles.

“We don’t want to see people complaining that they were victimized by syndicates. Give them information and tips so they can proceed with their transaction. Let’s be part of the solution and at the same time prevention,” he said.

Cruz said that under his leadership, personnel education and skills will be enhanced thru the conduct of more standardized and specialized training and seminars on the technical aspects of carnapping, motor vehicle inspection, motorcycle riding and motorcycle escort protocols.

He added that qualification standard for key positions shall also be implemented thru the conduct of positional trainings for regional chiefs, provincial team leaders and motor vehicle clearance officers.

Cruz also ordered the accounting of all motorcyles specifically ‘Big Bikes’ issued to the HPG to arrest suspicions some of them have not been used properly.