Humble Mayor Kois is no credit grabber; lauds Mayor Lim, Lacson

August 22, 2019

Among many, two of the most admirable traits of Manila Mayor ‘Kois’ Moreno are his humility and willingness to give credit where it is due.

His humbleness inevitably shows in everything he does and says. In his speeches, he takes pride in his roots as a product of abject poverty and public school and readily admits to certain flaws, to the point of  even making fun of his imperfect command of the English language.

In his day-to-day encounter with people from all walks of life, he would acknowledge all kinds of greetings. He would bless the hands of the elderly, pat children on the head, walk towards motorists honking their horns to shake their hands and of course, give in to non-stop selfies.

I’m sure those who have had encounters with Mayor Kois can attest to the fact that he constantly volunteers to take the cellphone and shoot the ‘selfies’  himself.  All that those requesting for such ‘selfies’ have to do is find a good spot while the mayor does the picture-taking for them.   

Too, in all his speeches, press conferences and even in his social media account, Mayor Kois would constantly credit everyone who has done a great job that redounds to the benefit of the city government and the residents as well.

Among those he had repeatedly thanked and given credit are his ever supportive Vice Mayor and council presiding officer Honey, majority floorleader Atty. Joel Chua, council ways and means chair Councilor Letlet Zarcal, Manila Police District chief Gen. Vicente Danao, Jr., special mayor’s response team (SMART) head Maj. Jhun Ibay, city engineer Armand Andres and city electrician Engr. Randy Sadac, Manila Traffic and Parking Bureau chief Dennis Viaje, social welfare chief Re Fugoso, department of public services chief Kenneth Amurao, city administrator Felix Espiritu and secretary to the mayor Bernie Ang.

Above all, he never fails to thank all the city employees, from those holding high positions all the way  down to the utility personnel.  He always stresses the importance of each and everyone, no matter how high or how low their position may be and would constantly acknowledge his need for help from everyone who has a stake in Manila -- residents, city employes, businessmen, netizens, etc.

In a recent speech before doctors, nurses and staff of the Justice Abad Santos General Hospital (now called JASGEN for brevity), he, along with Vice Mayor Honey, cited their hard work and ability to render quality services as the reason why the said hospital was conferred a certificate of ISO 9001:2015  which will be valid until August 2021, making it at par with known private hospitals in terms of standards.

Notably too, Mayor Kois credited and thanked former Mayor Alfredo S. Lim for having the said hospital built for the poor residents of the city’s third district during his administration. Mayor Kois  mentioned this twice in his message and each time was applauded for it.

He also credited the late Mayor Arsenio Lacson for having erected the Ospital ng Maynila which inspired Lim to make sure there is one city hospital for each of Manila’s six districts.

Many might wonder why he would praise Lim when they even ran against each other in the recent elections. Well, Mayor Kois has said that he and Lim merely parted ways --albeit temporarily -- because of plain politics but that his respect  remains for the former mayor and all the good things he did for Manilans remains.

Why, Mayor Kois says he is even elated when he is compared, in many positive ways, to Mayor Lim, saying he’d rather be compared to Mayor Lim than to ‘someone else.’ Whoever that is, your guess is as good as mine.

Indeed, Mayor Kois is very generous when it comes to expressing gratitude to those who need to be thanked and giving credit to those truly deserving  it. He also thanks the residents endlessly for the overwhelming victory he received.

Unlike others we know, stealing credits just isn’t his style and this could be because he is very secure of himself and knows in his heart that once all his plans come into fruition, he will surely be leaving legacies that will have his name etched in the hearts of all present and future Manilans.  The clearing of Divisoria and other major thoroughfares and restoration of vital parks, plazas and shrines is just the beginning.


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