It is real

August 13, 2019

UNDOUBTEDLY, climate change, which is brought about by society’s continued addiction to fossil fuels, is real. And people, including Filipinos, are experiencing its effects everyday.

Of course, it is lamentable and disheartening to know that this addiction to the highly-expensive fossil fuels is being perpetuated by governments and industries throughout the world.

If we do not stop it or learn to adapt it, we will be destroying the world we live in, according to House Deputy Speaker and Antique Rep. Loren Legarda, a known environmentalist.

In fact, the adverse effects of climate change are getting worse and damaging, prompting government authorities across the globe to exert concerted efforts to arrest global warming.

Admittedly, climate change is causing great concern among world authorities, who have an eye for the health of Mother Earth.

In the Philippines, Congresswoman Legarda, a former senator and broadcast journalist, has urged local communities to implement measures to combat climate change and its effects.

“Climate change is real and we are experiencing its effects everyday. The change in weather patterns, the worsening calamities, and the disturbances seen in ecosystems – these are only some of its effects,” she said.

Legarda and other experts agree that in a few years or so, we will be producing less output from our farms, drinking toxic water, and seeing worsening pollutions of rivers and oceans.

This, if we do not stop climate change or learn to adapt to it, according to Ms. Legarda who, as a senator, authored several landmark environmental laws such as the Clean Air Act.

The lady lawmaker and the rest of our government officials who have an eye for the future generations deserve the support of the public as they map out plans to address climate change.