It’s over!

August 23, 2019

EXPERIENCE tells us that many public servants, particularly those employed in local government units (LGUs) throughout the Philippines, retire without having a single promotion.

Political observers blame this partly on the so-called “palakasan” system, which is one of the principal reasons why there’s demoralization in some government offices and agencies.

However, in Manila, where the powerful President of the Philippines holds office, the days of the “palakasan” system are over, according to hard-hitting but fair Mayor Isko Moreno.

“Marami sa inyo inuuban na, magpa-promote na kayo. As long as you are qualified, go to personnel, go to Vice Mayor Honey (Lacuna) and I will sign it (promotion paper),” he said.

Mayor Isko said that “you will never owe me, it’s the city that owes it to you kaya tirahin niyo na. Sayang, halimbawa me kapantay ka pareho kayong matanda na at least you tried.”

Speaking before hospital workers, Moreno declared that the culture of not pushing hard for a higher position because you don’t have any connections to the mayor will no longer prevail.

In Manila, he said, the basis for promotion will be qualification and services rendered to the public.

Likewise, Moreno, a former scavenger from the impoverished district of Tondo, Manila, called on public servants to take the civil service examinations in order to qualify for better positions.

City hall personnel, especially the rank-and-file, ought to welcome the crusading local Chief Executive’s total war against the so-called “palakasan” system.

In the view of various quarters, it’s a move in the right direction considering the many public servants without powerful and influential “ninongs” and “ninangs” in the corridors of power.