Jail who abused GCTA

September 03, 2019

THERE are calls to jail government officials who released convicts not qualified for the Good Conduct Times Allowance Law (GCTA).

I also believe that not only should we send back to jail those who were wrongfully given freedom. Those who freed them should also be imprisoned,  

A lot of people  joined the uproar over reports that over 10,000 inmates with heinous crimes were granted freedom via the GCTA.

Such is  alarming because our streets are not safe. Its like there’s  a total breakdown of the justice system. One can’t be blamed if he wants those who allowed the GCTA to be abused should join the convicts in jail.

Reports indicated a mistake was committed in the application of the law which actually excludes heinous crime convicts. For some errors, thousands of them were included in the GCTA which is now the subject of proposals to be reviewed or abolished.

Unfortunately, it could not be determined at present who committed the ‘mistake or errors’.  But this can be probed thoroughly so we can determine who are at fault.

The Senate earlier held its investigation over the matter and some personalities appear to be liable in the fiasco. We can only wait for the next thing that the government will do.

But we really need to punish executives behind this mockery of the justice system which not only compromised public safety but also utterly put the victims at the disadvantaged.


A lawmaker revealed the Health department  is poised to spend another P19.1 billion to procure new drugs and medicines in 2020, despite getting flagged by the Commission on Audit (COA) for keeping a large stockpile of unused supplies, some of which have either expired or are nearing expiry due to delayed distribution.

“We’ve gone over the DoH’s proposed budget for 2020, and the department is asking for another P19.1 billion to purchase drugs, medicines and vaccines,” according to Rep. Michael Defensor (Anakalusugan).

He said the amount is P3.7 billion or 24 percent higher than the department’s P15.4-billion allocation this year for the same purpose.

Last year, the DoH received a P15.6-billion allocation to purchase drugs and medicines, including medical and dental supplies, Defensor  said.

“We are all for the DoH’s purchase of new drugs and medicines, as long as these benefit disadvantaged Filipinos, and do not just go to waste because of bad inventory management and logistical issues in getting the supplies to the provinces,” Defensor said.

The solution is that DoH should consider engaging the services of private logistics service providers to seamlessly handle the warehousing and distribution of the new supplies.


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