Kadiwa is key

July 23, 2019

Sometimes macro-economics has to take a backseat and let the smooth, swift, and strong arm of the State take over.

Direct market intervention, not fiscal and monetary maneuvers that take time to take effect and sometimes are even futile, if not counterproductive, is the way to go.

While the Duterte administration has been mightily trying to tame runaway prices of basic commodities and other consumer items through a concerted policy exertions by key economic agencies, a lady lawmaker is pushing for a more pragmatic, practical approach to addressing inflation which spiked a few months ago on account of logistical constraints, climatic factors, and other reasons.

And we believe and support her advocacy because it had been done before.

And it came in the form of rolling stores dispatched by the government to selected communities and offering food and other basic goods at lower prices.

We kid you not.

All you need to do is Google Kadiwa store.

We would not bore you with what to some may seem trivia or trivial.

And so we are letting someone very close to the original implementor of the rolling store project to enlighten Millenials about its tremendous socio-economic impact in those days when they were doing the rounds of communities and their potential to once again ease the burden of the poor who are hit first and hardest by inflation.

Better still, we are letting her explain the concept and its benefits in a langauage that could best be understood by all.

Senator Imee Marcos is calling on President Duterte to revive Kadiwa store in Metro Manila to respond to the problem of high prices of commodities by helping consumers.