Lessening road mishaps

November 02, 2019

THE government, through the elite Philippine National Police-Highway Patrol Group (PNP-HPG), is out to lessen the number of vehicular accidents in various parts of the country.

PNP-HPG records show that a total of 9,663 road crashes were recorded nationwide for the first nine months of the year, killing 1,186 persons and hurting 8,376 others.

Last year, the group recorded 11,179 road mishaps that led to the death of 1,50l persons and injuries to 13,233 others.

Today, we see a government that appears committed to address the problems confronting the commuting public, notably drivers, conductors, passengers and even pedestrians.

Certainly, the PNP-HPG under B/Gen. Dionardo Carlos has a multi-pronged and highly-effective “program of action” aimed at ensuring the safety of land travel across the country.

Part of the program is educating the country’s drivers of both public and private motor vehicles on responsible driving and continued road clearing operations as decreed by President Duterte.

“Tutulong kami sa local government units sa clearing operations para mas maging maluwag, may space ang motorista para sila ay makapagpatakbo ng sasakyan,” said the one-star PNP general.

Nobody will argue with the PNP-HPG director, a known disciplinarian, when he said: “If we reduce these mistakes, ang human factor, mas magiging ligtas ang driver at rider.”

Carlos, a former spokesman of the 190,000-member PNP which is civilian in nature but national in scope, attributed vehicular accidents to human error and lack of road discipline.

Lack of discipline includes overspeeding, drunk driving, bad overtaking, use of mobile phone while driving, bad turning, mechanical defects and poor maintenance, he said.

We cannot overemphasize the importance of concerned government authorities reminding our motorists, passengers and even pedestrians to obey traffic laws, rules and regulations.