For the local political mafia, President Duterte's China trip is a “failure”

August 30, 2019

PRESIDENT Duterte flew to China early this week on what would be his eight ‘face-to-face’ meeting with his Chinese counterpart, Pres. Xi Jinping since he assumed office in 2016.

Their latest “eyeball,” so to speak, also speaks volume as to how much China and its leaders value its relationship with us as there is probably right now, no other Asian (or world) leader that Pres. Xi would like to repeatedly meet, except probably North Korean president, Kim Jong Un—but the reason for this is another story.

And but for the “hecklers” back home, to include not only the paid “NGOs” by the American in the Philippine media, the fake political “opposition,” the “civil society” plus, our entire defense and military establishments who continue to play their roles as “trained dogs” of US Imperialism, I am sure that this latest visit would have been unnecessary.

But as it is, these crowds of rabid “Amboys” would not stop their agitation for our return as America’s “best puppet this side of the Pacific” that they succeeded in distracting Pres. Duterte’s attention resulting to this latest “visit” to China with his avowed aim of restating our national position as regards the West Philippine Sea issue.

Ahead of his visit, PDU30 announced that the “time has come” for the Philippines to “reiterate” our 2016 (paper) “victory” at the Hague (the Permanent Court of Arbitration) and ahead of his arrival, China also made it plain that it remains a “non-issue” for them since they never recognized the PCA, its authority and of course, its ruling.

I am sure that with both sides remaining as far apart on the issue, whatever “gains” the visit has again brought to our country would be neatly and swiftly set aside by the local political mafia and their media minions; they would instead focus on the theme: this trip is “waste of public money.”

Expect that the local political mafia would just keep on harping on the “failure” of PDU30 to “impose” on China that ruling that we won because, in the first place, we fully paid for it.

No, Jose, these critics would not even throw a word on the new six bilateral agreements that both countries signed focus on education, science and technology and the economy.

And yes, Jose, these critics would also sweep under the rug the fact that China has committed itself to agree with PDU30 and the other ASEAN nations for the adoption of the ‘Code of Conduct’ (COC) for all involved countries in the South China Sea by 2021, before the end of Pres. Duterte’s term the following year.

By itself, this is a major diplomatic victory not only for the Philippines but also, for the entire region—China “agreeing” for the creation of a COC thru talks and dialogs and without recourse to brute force to enforce its own position, which, in the final analysis, is something that it can easily do given the puny military forces of the entire ASEAN bloc compared to its own.

And yes, Jose, the local political mafia, consisting of all the “Amboys” out there, their paid NGOs and their equally-paid local politicians plus the communists, would also utterly ignore the fact that of the six major agreements the Philippines and China signed, among the beneficiaries would be the Bureau of Customs (BoC) in particular and our society in general, thru a stronger anti-drug smuggling partnership.

But over this positive development, I am sure too that this is something that these “Mafiosi” would love to hate, considering that they are also vociferously against the reduction of illegal drugs in the country thru PDU30’s ‘War on Drugs.’

More on these last two issues later, dear readers. For now, let us sit back and just take everything in stride as for sure, PDU30, on coming home, would not get accolades from our country’s naysayers and nitpickers.

Para kasi sa kanila, walang ginawang tama o mabuti si Pang. Digong. Hay, buhay!!!