MDH’S Wellness Hub: Raising the healthcare bar to an unprecedented level

September 12, 2019

“WOULD you like me to get you some hot water for your coffee?”

I momentarily paused from enjoying my lunch. Then I looked up  and was pleasantly puzzled. The person greeting me was statuesque and exuded gentle authority. Later, I discovered she was one of the executives.

Politely, I said I was okay, and the woman gave a chirpy grin then went on to attend to others in the reception area.

Earlier, a gentleman approached and explained to me what to expect of my stay. He patiently, amiably answered all my questions and allayed any apprehension.

The friendly woman at the counter was no different. She gave a most welcoming smile and made me feel at home the instant I stepped inside.

Welcome to Manila Doctor Hospital’s Wellness Hub, a one-stop wellness center, where clients feel like first-class tourists and not patients.

“The Wellness Hub offers a gateway to holistic, personalised, and integrated experience through diagnostic and therapeutic services geared towards helping you achieve your health and wellness goals for a quality life,” said Jilliane Pauline J. Montegrande, Center Supervisor, Wellness Hub.      

Dr. Robbie Jun B. Reyes, head, Wellness Hub, said the Wellness Hub’s principal service offering is the Executive Health Check.

“Keeping in mind the unique requirements of clients, we have available age and gender- specific Executive Health Check packages. Our one-stop shop concept gives clients the convenience of access to basic diagnostic services (x-ray, ultrasound, electrocardiogram, laboratory workups), medical consultation, physical examination, and other wellness services such as acupuncture, nutrition counselling, weight management, vaccination, life coaching, etc., all in one exclusive, dedicated area. It boasts of an executive lounge where patients can relax in between medical tests, enjoy a healthy snack, access wi-fi connectivity, and avail of concierge services as well,” said Dr. Reyes.

Montegrande added that the wellness center also offers acupuncture  for weight management and to promote general wellness, as well as relieve stress, anxiety, insomnia. At MDH’s Wellness Hub, patients find friends  who genuinely care about their well-being.  The medical professionals  are more than willing to go out of the box to ensure their clients’ continued health and healing.

MDH’s Wellness Hub professionals would  go the extra mile to lessen clients’ pains and remove the hassles of follow-up procedures and seeking doctors’ appointments. Plus, so much more.

Krystal Faith Circulado, staff nurse, offers not just a sunny smile at the reception area and puts frayed nerves at ease. Like an instant best buddy, she chaperones  Wellness Hub patients avail of different diagnostic services.

At Wellness Hub, the road to health has never been more convenient, hassle-free and stress-free.

For more information, call  (+632) 558-0888 local 3870 and 5718. Wellness Hub is located on the 9th floor of the  Norberto Ty Medical Tower II 9/F Norberto Ty Medical Tower II.

For comments and suggestions, send email to or text 09175841714.