‘Missing ingredient’ in BBB

November 21, 2019

CALLS to provide emergency power to President Rodrigo Duterte was renewed at the House of Representatives yesterday amid criticisms against his Build Build Build program.

Granting Duterte such power could bring the full potential of the government’s infrastructure campaign and other programs, said Quezon City Rep. Precious Hipolito Castelo.

“It’s the missing ingredient in all the major undertakings of the government. Let’s give him now the power he needs so we can reap more fruits of our investments in Build Build Build,” Castelo, vice chairman of the House Committee on Metro Manila Development, said.

Castelo made the statements after Sen. Franklin Drilon criticized the BBB, one of the key features of Duterte’s roadmap for the country’s development.

In a recent senate hearing, Drilon said the program is a ‘failure’, claiming that only 9 out of the 75 flagship infrastructure projects were completed.

Doubting Drilon’s figures, Castelo said latest data show there were a hundred BBB flagship projects and that more were completed.

“But assuming that the good senator is right, more projects could have been finished if emergency power was given to the President  to perform his job,” she said.

“Projects were also delayed by problems like right of way issues and other legal setbacks which could have been fixed by the President if his hands were not tied,” she explained.

Considering that Duterte has only two and a half years before stepping down, Castelo said granting him the needed emergency powers becomes more compelling.

She called on senators including Drilon to act on the emergency power measure which the House already passed but remains pending at the upper chamber.

The Senate’s inaction has stopped the Duterte administration from pursuing the emergency power which could have answered the menacing traffic problem.

Traffic woes in Metro Manila is causing the government some P2 billion in opportunity losses.  

Here’s something Pasig Mayor Vico Sotto can look into. A friend complained against the Pasig General Hospital for being negligent to patients.

She took her father to the said government hospital after he was hit by a speeding motorcycle recently. In great pain, the patient underwent x-ray and ct-scan. However, the attending doctor said the patient’s case was not urgent and they wereadvised to go home.

Doubting the advice, my worried friend asked the physician why was his father in great pain if his case was not urgent . The doctor replied: “Nalamog lang ‘yan”.

She feared taking his father to another hospital would only cause him more pain but she did it anyway to get a second opinion.  A private hospital reexamined his father and discovered a fracture.  The attending physician recommended immediate surgery. My friend is eyeing doctors at the Orthopedic Hospital to perform the operation.

What could have happened If she believed the advise of the doctor from the Pasig General Hospital? Did her father deserve the extra pain he endured during his transfer to another hospital when he could have been accommodated properly at the Pasig General Hospital?

Mayor Sotto vowed to implement reforms in government service including public health.  He may start at the Pasig General Hospital.


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