MPD and Gen. Danao fall victim to ‘fake news’

August 20, 2019

Manila Police District Director Gen. Vicente Danao,  Jr. is vehemently denying that operatives from the MPD are forcibly taking students for purposes of random drug testing.

Danao has issued the strong denial amid what he branded as nothing but ‘fake news,’ which says that Manila policemen have been taking students from the Polytechnic University of the Philippines (PUP) and that they are made to board a police van and then subjected to random drug tests.

According to a report, Danao and his men are being accused by a number of PUP students who claim to have been subjected to such random drug testing.

This ‘news’ came as a shock to Danao, who stressed that no MPD personnel is involved in such alleged activity.  Too, he said that they (MPD personnel) also have no authority to conduct such drug testing activities in any university, PUP included.

Likewise, there is no instruction whatsoever from the MPD Crime Laboratory for the conduct of any drug test on any student from any school.

Under the Commission on Higher Education Memorandum Order (CMO) #18, Rule VI, series of 2108,  all Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) are directed to implement mandatory drug testing on their students.

This is pursuant to Section 36 of  Republic Act 9165 dated  October  26, 2018 and according to CHEd, the drug tests ‘aim to promote a drug-free campus and further [the] legitimate interest of the government in preventing and deterring dangerous drug use among the youth.”


Here’s my two cents’ worth on this issue. This  is nothing but a badly-written black propaganda script aimed at diverting attention from the burning issue of recruitment by rebels from some universities which, as we all know, includes PUP.

Tearful mothers sought help from government authorities saying they want their children back and I don’t think they will go to the extent of fabricating such a story.

In the first place, no policeman in his right mind would stake his badge and career by agreeing to ‘abduct’ students for the mere purpose of random drug testing, knowing that kidnapping per se is a crime.

Secondly, granting they have agreed to do so for the sake of argument, it is far-fetched that they would make themselves easily identifiable, knowing fully well that what they are doing is an infraction of the law and that their ‘victims’ would definitely run after them.

That kind of cop, if any, is not likely to keep or return the supposed ‘abductees’ alive, specially if he or she is a student from the PUP, knowing that he (cop) will only get into a lot of trouble.

There is simply no sense for Danao to actually do what he is being accused of, ditto with any personnel from the MPD.

As it is, Danao and his men are continuously on their feet,  keeping up with the marching orders from President Rodrigo Duterte and now, the very energetic Manila Mayor Isko Moreno.

In the case of Baseco, a known haven for criminal elements which is now being purged, the MPD is not in any way carrying out abductions as in fact they present all arrested suspects in the flesh.

If the MPD will at all get involved in abductions, don’t you think they will just direct such efforts to those actually involved in illegal activities? What is there to gain by taking mere students just to make them undergo drug testing when it is already mandatory?


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