In the name of Public Service

September 23, 2019

Our mother’s house and garden were destroyed to the ground.  Only a big gaping hole was left of our mother’s house and garden because a group who took over the ancestral home is constructing a high-rise condominium/hotel building which are being pre-sold to the public.

As a resident of Quezon City and carrying the name of the First Mayor of Quezon City, my siblings and I have all the rights to object to these two high-rise buildings which destroyed our ancestral house and the entire community.  The City Council of Quezon City should be made to answer why the exemptions were given in the form of “Special Permit.”

What’s so “Special” about it to demolish an ancestral home constructed more than seventy years ago in the early 1950s when a law exists, Republic Act 10066 prohibiting the demolition of structure 50 years old and above.  It must seek permission from the court.  The Republic Act seeks to protect historical sites which have been abused, nationwide, destroying them which RA 10066 prohibits.

Credit must be given to former President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo.  But LGUs are not enforcing the law.  Why?  Many cities and towns nationwide have lost many historical sites which cannot be replaced anymore for they are gone forever.

In the case of our ancestral home, the titles in the name of my late mother before it was taken over and transferred without the consent of all the heirs contain a “Memorandum of Encumbrances and Restrictions.”

“A.) No building or construction of any kind shall be erected on the land herein… shall be used in the construction of any building, fence or other structure… and in no case shall any house, edifice or other structures be constructed within less than 2.00 meters from the adjoining lots not less than 4.00 meters from the proper line – facing the street… where the lot herein sold is located…(SGD) Ramon N. Velasco, Register of Deeds, also signed by Elbert T. Quilala, Register of Deeds.”

Allow us to ask a question: How come the walls dividing us have been scraped, not leaving an easement of 2 to 4 meters?  We were told that a 21 storey building requires a 1,200 sq. mt. lot.  My mother’s property is composed of 3 lots totaling 1,102 sq. mt. only.  Is that the reason na sinasagad nila every inch of the 3 lots to gain the needed 98 sq. meters?  It is so stipulated at the back of the titles’ encumbrances and restrictions.

The six children are compulsory heirs of our late mother.  My mother could only give 51% away and the remaining 49% belongs to the compulsory heirs.  But the whole transaction was not known to us, the 5 heirs; nor how it was transferred.

Pag-ingatan po ninyo itong nangyari sa amin.  And based on comments from all over the country, many families have been victimized by one family member.  I wish I could print them all so the public may know better.

With these contentious issues of ownership, corruption and abuse of power, is it forbidden that a public discourse ensue so that the public can be made aware?  That the public can be aware that they should think twice before buying a unit in this high-rise building which is riddled with controversies?  That the public be made aware and awakened that they can object and rise up against these abuses which would adversely affect our neighborhood and our environment?  A marker is placed: “99 Scout Gandia is under court Litigation, case no. R-QZN-18-04305.”

We had a home.  The house of our mother with its garden for all of us to enjoy and reminisce our mother, our parents, our family.  We woke up one morning barred by steel fences from going to the garden and the house carved out leaving a gaping and ugly hole in preparation to a high-rise building right in the center of a residential community.  They took away our mother’s house and soon even our view of the blue sky and morning sun and fresh air would be eclipsed with this high-rise skyscraper which benefits only the new investors in total disregard of the residential neighborhood, sucking its water supply meant only for the residential homes in this community.

Yes, we fought for the trees in our home and only one Narra tree is left standing and she is clinging for her life.  We brought this matter to the Barangay, the DENR and even to the deaf ears of the LGU of Quezon City.  Only the DENR did something to save it.

The group continues with their diggings.  We voice out our dissent and we face –  every day and every night – including roaring and jolting noise of the diggings next door to us and other neighbors.  We struggle for peace amidst the roaring and enduring noise.

My sister Teresita’s asthma is being aggravated by the assault and degradation of the environment.  The diggings continue to ravage our home and those of our neighbors, Dr. Cantos and wife who are both bedridden and suffering from the daily jolting noise of the diggings now almost 20 meters deep.  We voice out our dissent and we are not heard.  Ang hirap po tanggapin.

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