NCRPO chief warns cops, civilians using ‘hot’ recovered, unregistered vehicles

January 27, 2020

POLICEMEN and private motorists entering different police camps and headquarters in Metro Manila beware as you may find yourself in hot water in case you are found to be driving a ‘hot’ vehicle, driving without license or violating the country’s traffic code once you enter these Philippine National Police facilities.

So far, over 200 policemen and civilians have been accosted and issued traffic citation tickets by agents of the National Capital Region Police Office in coordination with the Philippine National Police Highway Patrol Group and PNP Integrity Monitoring and Enforcement Group for violating various traffic code  including driving without license or using unregistered motor vehicles, the Journal Group learned.

This after NCRPO director, newly-promoted Major General Debold M. Sinas, ordered a Metro Manila-wide crackdown on policemen using recovered motor vehicles and motorcycles on Monday last week leading to the apprehension of 198 personnel of the National Capital Region Police Office.

On instruction of Philippine National Police chief, General Archie Francisco F. Gamboa, the NCRPO, joined by the PNP-IMEG headed by Colonel Ronald O. Lee and the PNP-HPG headed by Brigadier Gen. Eliseo DC Cruz have started a stepped-up Metro Manila-wide campaign to identify and accost police violators.  

“This is part of our ongoing internal cleansing program particularly targeting policemen using recovered or carnapped motor vehicles and motorcycles,”Sinas told the Journal Group as his men issued  Ordinance Violation Receipts to  violators of the traffic code.

Under the NCRPO Oplan: Viserion, officers will check NCRPO uniformed and non-uniformed personnel as well as civilians using unregistered and/or stolen vehicles as well as those who are driving with expired licenses and registration papers, those using illegal license plates and those violating other traffic rules and regulations.

Sinas said that on Monday last week,  a total of 3,292 motor vehicles and motorcycles were checked by his men inside the NCRPO headquarters in Camp Bagong Diwa. Of the number, 198 drivers were issued tickets for different violations.

The official said that 84 of the 198 were found to be driving unregistered vehicles; 18 have no license plates; 9 have no Official Receipt and Certificate of Registration from the Land Transportation Office; 1 was found to be contracting passengers; 15 were found to be driving without license; 8 have expired driver’s license while 2 were found to have changed the color of their motor vehicle without authority from the HPG.

Four motorcycles without plate numbers were also abandoned by their owners while a total of 49 motor vehicles were towed as a result of the operation.

Sinas said that 58 of the violators were accosted inside Camp Bagong Diwa where four vehicles were towed; 18 at the Northern Police District; 16 at the Eastern Police District; 7 at the Manila Police District;  73 at the Southern Police District and 13 at the Quezon City Police District.

The SPD yielded the most number of violators with 44 accosted for driving unregistered vehicles; 3 without license plates, 3 without registration papers, 8 without driver’s license and 5 for driving with expired driver’s license.

Gen. Gamboa issued the directive amid observations in the field that some PNP personnel have been reported or observed to be utilizing vehicles which were recovered during various police operations or even using vehicles inventoried as evidence in police operations.

Members of the NCRPO Regional Intelligence Division and Regional Special Operations Group, the PNP-IMEG and the PNP-IMEG are involved in the crackdown, Sinas said.

He added that appropriate criminal and administrative charges will be filed against any NCRPO personnel who will be found committing the offense.

Apart from going after policemen who are using recovered motor vehicles and motorcycles, Sinas said they are also intensifying their effort to accost police officers who are using unregistered vehicles, with expired or with no driver’s licenses, those with no plates, those who are engaged in the illegal transfer of plates, those using sirens and blinkers without any authority and  those who are not in possession of updated LTO papers.

Gen. Gamboa earlier reiterated his warning to fire any police officer or men who will be found using recovered motor vehicles and motorcycles specifically those assigned in police stations and police-community precincts and district and provincial headquarters in Metro Manila and the rest of the country.

“The Philippine National Police would like to reiterate the strict implementation of Standard Operating Procedure No. 7 that prohibits the use of recovered evidence motor vehicles and motorcycles.

The directive applies to any policeman who deliberately keeps recovered stolen motor vehicles and motorcycles for their own personal use. They include recovered stolen vehicles, those which Failed to Return to their registered owners or those which were stolen as a result of the notorious ‘Rent-Tangla, Rent-Tangay’ scheme,’ the so-called ‘Talon’ scheme and others which went missing or stolen but are not yet included in the alarm list of the PNP Highway Patrol Group.

Under SOP No. 7, No PNP personnel shall use a recovered-stolen or impounded motor vehicle or cause the use thereof by any person prior to the lifting of the “alarm” issued thereon and the subsequent release of said motor vehicle to its lawful owner.

The removal of any part or accessory of the recovered-stolen/impounded motor vehicle is also punishable under this measure.