NCRPO, PNP-HPG tie up to stop riding-in-tandem criminals

THE National Capital Region Police Office headed by Major General Guillermo Lorenzo T. Eleazar and the Philippine National Police Highway Patrol Group under Brig. Gen. Roberto B. Fajardo have agreed to further step-up their implementation of the PNP Campaign Plan: Clean Rider which is aimed at helping address the presence of motorcycle-riding criminals in Metro Manila, specifically assassins who have killed a number of policemen and civilians in broad daylight attack, the Journal Group learned.

The measure is aimed at seeking the cooperation of motorcycle riders’ associations in the country in the fight against so-called ‘Riding-in-Tandems’ by seeing to it that their motorbikes are checked and given free ‘Clean Rider stickers’ by the police.

Those without ‘Clean Rider stickers’ are subjected to checks by policemen manning chokepoints and checkpoints in strategic parts of the country.

During a recent meeting Eleazar particularly commended the motorcycle-hailing group Angkas for participating in their Clean Rider program.

“Bakit gusto tumulong dito ng Angkas, dahil gusto nila ipakita na ang grupo nila ay legitimate”, he said.

The PNP Campaign Plan: Clean Rider was initiated by PNP chief, Director General Oscar D. Albayalde  to help address the problem posed by motorcycle-riding criminals including robbers and assassins.

According to Eleazar, they need all the assistance they can get from motorcycle groups in the metropolis to create much safe communities and  promote road safety and observance of traffic rules and regulations.

However, to avoid public misconception, police have clarified that motorcycles registered under the PNP’s Clean Rider program will still be subjected to checkpoint procedures and can be flagged down at any given time.

Under the Clean Rider campaign,   motorcycles owners with complete papers are asked to register their units before they are given a Clean Rider sticker.

Gen. Albayalde on July 16 last year ordered the launching of the PNP Campaign Plan: Clean Rider to address incidents of motorcycle-riding suspects or MRS targeting high-profile victims such as priests and elected government officials.

The ‘Clean Rider’ stickers are earned by motorcycle riders across the country by registering their respective vehicles in their local police stations. “Clean rider [is] a rider whose registration documents were processed and were issued with motorcycle stickers by the PNP,” the PNP order said.

However, in order to be declared “clean,” motorcycle owners must submit either the receipt of purchase of the motorbike or the vehicle’s certificate of registration, the owner’s driver’s license, and a government-issued identification card.

The sticker design is a stylized police badge. Names of the region and the municipality or city where these were issued are printed at the center over a sun similar to that of the Philippine flag.

The logo of the PNP and the local police station are pressed at the top corners, while the serial numbers are at the bottom. The sticker is about 3 inches in height and 2.5 inches in width. Each city and municipality has a designated color. The sun on the stickers varies according to the areas where the stickers were registered.

Once registered, the clean riders should have the stickers “attached conspicuously in the front portion of the motorcycle.” They also get a “smaller version” of the sticker to be attached “at the back of the rider’s driving license.

Gen. Albayalde has called on motorcycle drivers’ associations in the country to also help them in their effort to keep peace and order by becoming their ‘force multipliers.