NCRPO records zero admin backlog cases in 2019

January 21, 2020

THE National Capital Region Police Office last year achieved a record-breaking “zero administrative backlog cases’ for the 20th straight year as part of its effort to completely resolve all administrative cases filed against its men for various offenses, the Journal Group learned yesterday.

“I am congratulating all officers and men of the NCRPO Regional Personnel and Record Management Division for resolving all pending administrative case including attrition cases in 2019 which is another proof of their good work,” said NCRPO director, Brigadier General Debold M. Sinas.

The NCRPO-RPRMD headed by Colonel Nora Camarao said that in 2019, all 3,076 administrative cases were resolved.

From 1999 to 2018, the NCRPO-RPRMD recorded a total of 2,178 administrative cases, 695 of which were under motion of reconsideration.

In a report to Philippine National Police chief, Director General Archie Francisco F. Gamboa who is bent on continuing a more aggressive PNP internal cleansing program, Sinas said that over the past 20 years, there were 3,933 administrative cases handled by the unit, all of which were declared as fully resolved by the NCPRO-RPRMD.

The cases ranged from dereliction of duty, Absence without Official Leave or AWOL and violation of all Philippine National Police administrative orders including the Tamang Bihis as well as cases arising from criminal charges slapped on many of the accused.

Last week, NCRPO-RPRMD officers found all the old administrative cases heard by the Regional Internal Affairs Service and the National Police Commission from 1991 up to 2009 at the NCRPO Records Building. The documents and folders were being verified as of press time in order to find out if the decisions were implemented to the hilt.

Sinas has ordered the immediate disposition of all administrative charges against his men as part of his ‘reward and punishment’ program in which the good cops are always commended or given medals while the erring ones are subjected to administrative investigation.

Before the New Year, the NCRPO director ordered the administrative investigation of four members of the Metro Manila police who were caught smoking or using their cellphones while in actual performance of duty.

The official also ordered the probe of a police lieutenant who was caught driving a motorcycle without a crash helmet and going against the flow of traffic in a busy Manila street.

The cop who was wearing a ‘PULIS’ cap and a blue athletic uniform had three passengers in his motorbike: a woman who was carrying an umbrella and two young kids, all without crash helmets.

A concerned citizen took a video of the incident which reached the attention of Sinas. The newly-promoted police officer claimed he ‘broke’ the law in an effort to bring his sick child to the hospital.

The NCRPO, however, did not buy the cop’s alibi and subjected him to an administrative investigation.

Sinas also ordered the filing of administrative charges against policemen who skiped their Traslacion duties in Quiapo, Manila. Sources said that  some police commissioned and non-commissioned officers  were found to have ‘abandoned’ their posts while the rest of their colleagues were performing their duties to the hilt.

At least three police lieutenants were ordered subjected to a pre-charge investigation by the PNP Internal Affairs Service for staying in an air-conditioned room of the City State Hotel near Quiapo Church during the Nazareno Thanksgiving procession last December 30 although they were supposed to be manning their posts in the area.

Pictures of the three which circulated in Facebook angered Sinas who said they can’t get away with their act. “We should all take note that while they were inside the hotel, all of us were already manning our respective posts in the city,” the NCRPO director said.

PNP inspectors were also ordered to inspect the deployment of all Traslacion cops and have identified a number of policemen who were ‘missing’ in their posts during actual accounting. Some were also cautioned not to take plenty of their hours having dinner instead of immediately returning to their posts.

A number were also caught on video while smoking or using their mobile phones in complete disregard of the NCRPO chief’s directive. The offenders will be subjected to administrative charges.