NCRPO’s discipline drive violators now over 1.5-M—Eleazar

October 02, 2019

THE number of violators of city and municipal ordinances in Metro Manila apprehended by agents of the National Capital Region Police Office since June last year has already breached the 1.5 million mark or an average of 3,300 over the past 15 months, the Journal Group learned yesterday.

NCRPO director, Maj. Gen. Guillermo Lorenzo T. Eleazar, said that in coordination with newly-elected local chief executives in the metropolis, they are also ensuring that their Discipline Drive will have no let-up and won’t spare anyone as long as they will be found violating city and municipal ordinances in Metro Manila. Philippine National Police chief, General Oscar D. Albayalde had also maintained that their drive covers both rich and poor who violate the law and not ‘tambays’ alone. He explained that the ongoing ‘discipline drive’ by the police covers both the rich and the poor who will be apprehended if they are found violating city and municipal ordinances like smoking, urinating and drinking in public, not simply because they are ‘tambays’ in street corners or outside their residences.

Eleazar has cited the ‘broken window theory’ which says that crime is the inevitable result of disorder when he vowed that their Oplan: Disiplina specifically the strict enforcement of ordinances on curfew and drinking in public will be continuously enforced in Metro Manila.

The PNP launched a strict drive against violators of different city and municipal ordinances across the country on orders of President Duterte in 2018.

“This campaign is meant to enforce city and municipal ordinances that ban drinking in public places, smoking in public, gambling in public and being half-naked, the presence of minors outside their homes in curfew hours and others,” said Eleazar.

The official said that  during the period, nearly 1.02 million violators were given warnings; more than 285, 000 were given fines while over 195,000  were charged in court.

In support of their campaign to enforce local ordinances, Eleazar cited the “Broken Window Theory. He said that as the theory says, a broken window that is not attended to speaks badly of one’s home and neighborhood.

The Broken Window theory says that little unattended bad situations lead to bigger ugly situations that can lead ultimately to widespread chaos and disaster.

Following this theory, Eleazar justified the order of the President to implement local ordinances strictly.

“Tulad ng inuman sa kalsada ng mga magkakaibigan, pagka nagkayabangan at nagkapikunan, away tiyak ang kahihinatnan, at patayan pa minsan. Yung paglabag ng maliit na ordinansa ay natuloy sa malaking krimen na walang may gusto,” he said.

Of the violators apprehended since June last year, over 104,000 were minors who were apprehended for violating the curfew hours while over 66,000 adults were accosted for drinking in public places.

Eleazar said  they have effectively prevented the possibility that the minors accosted for violating the curfew hours could have figured in deadly street troubles like rock-throwing, mugging and simple theft. On the other hand, the more than 66,000 adults apprehended for drinking in public places effectively prevented possible brawls and other crimes.

More than a year after he ordered the implementation of the PNP Oplan: Displina, Gen.Albayalde told the citizenry that the police will always ensure the protection of human rights as they enforce President Duterte’s order to go after the so-called ‘istambay sa kanto’ at night and in the wee hours of the morning.

Gen. Albayalde said that the President’s order was also for the sake of “tambays.”

“Para din naman ‘yan sa kanilang safety. Hindi naman  para sa ibang tao yun,”, he said noting that if they go home early and refrain from loitering,  these ‘tambays’ will be free from trouble.