New Highway Patrol Group chief

August 19, 2019

WITH a new man at the helm of the Philippine National Police-Highway Patrol Group, expect the best in the days ahead as the PNP-HPG intensifies the drive against car thieves and highway robbers.

In fact, the new PNP-HPG director, B/Gen. Eliseo DC Cruz of “Bigkis Lahi” Class 1990 of the Philippine Military Academy (PMA), has vowed a more aggressive crackdown against these criminals.

Cruz replaced B/Gen. Roberto B. Fajardo, who is now the new director of the PNP-Civil Security Group. Before he was designated as the HPG commander, Cruz was director of the Southern Police District (SPD).

Like the rest of the Filipino people, including the commuting public, we believe that Cruz has some concrete “plans of action” on how to rid our highways and other thoroughfares of lawless elements.

The soft-spoken but highly-effective one-star police general said: “I am asking the cooperation of all my officers and men as well as the community and the media in our stepped-up campaign against criminality.”

It is only just and proper for the citizens to report to the PNP-HPG the presence of suspected vehicle and motorcycle thieves as well as hijackers and highway robbers in their areas.

Certainly, even the ordinary citizens in far-flung communities play a stellar role in the success of the government’s nationwide campaign against hijacking, highway robbery and extortion.

We take note too of the new PNP-HPG commander’s consistently uncompromising stand against graft and corruption, red tape, foolishness and other shenanigans.

And in the view of many, the authorities cannot afford to have erring HPG personnel further tarnish the image of the PNP, which is civilian in nature but national in scope.

We hope the PNP-HPG under General Cruz succeeds in ridding our highways and streets of hijackers, robbers and even members of the so-called “Rent-Tangay/Rent-Sangla” syndicates.