Now it can be told

August 19, 2019

Risa Hontiveros is at it again in the Senate, defending the LGBT right to a comfort room – in addition to a toilet for “Male or Female.”

I really do not know how it is going to work out for it is so hard to distinguish a real woman from a male transvestite. The transvestites oftentimes are more beautiful than the real women. I really do not know what Senator “Risa” (meaning laughable in Spanish) “Que Risa” what kind of toilet does she want to add for LGBT?

I’d like to suggest like what other good restaurants have: one comfort room equipped for both men and women, equipped with urinal for men and bidet for women. The comfort room can only be used one at a time by only one client. That’s a better solution rather than using pampers or chastity belts.


On another note, yes masama ang loob namin kay Risa Hontiveros. She was the one who filed a case against us appointees ni President Gloria in the second half of 2010 when the troublemakers took over the PCSO, out to lynch everybody connected with the PGMA administration when the Aquino regime took over in July 2010. The new PCSO appointees were out to cause trouble, better word, revenge against President Gloria for several reasons. One, for dismissing a dishonest member of the PCSO board of directors; two, for issues related to Hacienda Luisita; and for other reasons to revenge against her. Pitiful talaga what she went through; and along with her, idinamay kaming lahat na mga appointees ni Presidente Gloria Macapagal Arroyo.

The most painful liaison that hurt us most was the PCSO connection under Margie Juico and Akbayan. The PCSO connivance with Akbayan wreaked havoc on us.

Risa of Akbayan, together with then PCSO Board Corporate Secretary, Mr. Eduardo Araullo, concocted charges against us former PCSO boardmembers and filed charges in the Ombudsman based on what they “heard” daw sa hearing sa Senate. No supporting documents. Just based on hearsay – what they saw on television. It said so in their charges sa Ombudsman.

How it turned into a full blown case, we know. The “conductors” of the false charges were then Chairman Margie Juico and her hatchetman Aleta Tolentino whom Margie appointed as one of her directors.

They never gave our PCSO Chairman then Serge Valencia and General Manager Rosario Uriarte a chance to have an honest and friendly transition from one administration to another para malinis lahat at maliwanag ang pag take-over nila. Instead, they ganged up on us, changed the documents and added things what President Arroyo administration was supposed to have done. But they were all made-up.

In the hearings in the Sandiganbayan, COA in-charge of PCSO intelligence fund and other government departments and agencies testified that it’s the new board ng PCSO ang may malaking kasalanan. From 2010 (second half from July to year end; to 2011, 2012 and 2013, the head of intelligence fund in the Main COA office testified na malinis daw ang mga financial statements during the Arroyo administration. The PCSO financial statements were submitted on year end, every year on time. Ang sabi niya sa witness stand: “ang may malaking kasalanan daw ay ang bagong PCSO board at from 2010 to 2013, no financial statements were submitted at all. ‘Yong mga pumalit daw sa amin ang malaki ang kasalanan. And yet, nobody spoke out against them inside the PCSO as they were all in fear of being removed from office.

It also happened when my lawyer interrogated PCSO Director Aleta Tolentino who was put in the witness stand “if she had seen “the signature of my client, Director Manuel Morato in all the documents they submitted to the court.” Director Aleta Tolentino answered spontaneously: “No, Director Manuel Morato had no participation.” Nakita na lang namin na kinakagalitan siya ni Margie Juico after the hearing for saying that. Aleta was crying at kinagalitan ni Juico.

When my lawyer requested for the stenographic note, wala doon ‘yong sinabi ni Director Aleta Tolentino. Sino ang nagpabura? We don’t know. But my lawyer insisted and asked for the tape recording of that hearing to be replayed infront of him. That statement of Director Aleta Tolentino in the tape and the excuse given was: “Sorry po at nakaligtaan ko po.” We had to request for a more accurate stenographic note, a complete one. It meant so much for me. I can say: a matter of life and death.

It also happened in the Senate hearings when we former PCSO directors requested for the stenographic notes, our answers to the questions addressed to us by the senators were missing. ‘Yong tanong at accusations lang ng mga senador ang nandodoon. Sinasagot ko si Senator Drilon, walang lumabas? ‘Yon ba ang pinagbasehan ng charges sa amin ni Risa Hontiveros ng Akbayan?

Risa, I knew your father and mother. They used to come to my house many, many years ago. Just to let you know that were they alive today, they will tell you that I am not the type of person you made me appear to be.

I only wish that your parents were alive today. They would have stopped you from lying.
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