NTC exceeds target for fourth straight yeara

October 29, 2019

First of all, happy birthday to our good friend from the Bureau of Immigration (BI), Patch Arbas.  He is one of the assets of BI, having held positions of confidence with much efficiency, competence and integrity.

May you always be blessed and problem-free, Kuya Patch!!!


The National Telecommunications Commission (NTC), an agency under the Department of Information and Communications Technology, has already exceeded its collection target by P1.361 million. The target collection for 2019 was pegged at P4.786 billioon, while the actual collection amounted to P6.147 billion as of October 14 of this year.

NTC Commissioner Gamaliel Cordoba said that while there is much to be thankful for in exceeding the agency’s collection target this early, the NTC will continue to work to exceed its collection target by as much as P2 billion by yearend.

This is the fourth straight year under the Duterte administration that the NTC exceeded its collection target.  In 2018, the NTC also exceeded its target by P1.8 billion. It is a silent worker.

Cordoba had this to say: ‘This year’s achievement is NTC’s way of showing its full support to the national government and the public service programs pushed by President Rodrigo Roa Duterte –priorities of which are on infrastructure, agriculture and rural development, and peace and order.’

My good friend, NTC public information officer Jason Valencia, said the agency’s achievement was a culmination of its personnel’s concerted effort to strictly enforce stakeholders’ compliance in remitting spectrum users’ fees, supervision and regulation fees and penalties.  

Stakeholders regulated by the NTC include cable and commercial television operators, broadcast radio stations, telecommunications companies and commercial and portable radio operators.  

Valencia said collection targets of the NTC are reflected in the Budget of Expenditures and Sources of Financing, a document mandated by the Constitution and consolidated by the Department of Budget Management.

Congrats, NTC for  job well done!!!


It’s hard to see the point as to why lending companies are being punished for supposedly ‘shaming’ those who borrowed money from them and have not paid their debts.

The National Privacy Commission (NPC) has recently imposed a ban on the processing of personal data against operators of 26 online lending applications.  This, according to reports, is part of the agency’s continuing crackdown on online lenders that resort to ‘public shaming’ of borrowers.

The operators of the 26 applications are ordered to immediately take down their online lending operations and make sure that their apps are no longer publicly available for download, installation or use.

Too, the said companies were directed to stop all activities that entail processing of personal data, including those outsourced to third parties and those that involve use of information from phonebook, directory, and contact list of data subjects, as well as disclosure of false or unwarranted information and unduly intrusive methods of personal data processing.

There is no question that public shaming should not be tolerated. However, what becomes of those shameless people who borrow money and would not settle their obligations, thus leaving the lenders with no choice but to resort to shaming, once all decent ways have been exhausted to collect from them.

If these borrowers are not ashamed to renege on their obligations, what right do  they have to complain about being subjected to public shaming?

While the public is being protected, companies must also get the same kind of protection from unscrupulous borrowers who have the gall to use a law which had been crafted for law-abiding citizens who become victims for unjustified reasons.


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Jokjok (from Carlito de Luna of Maginhawa Street, Pasay City) — Eksena sa isang healing session… HEALER: Tumayo ka, tatang! Tumayo ka!/TATANG: Opo (dahan-dahan, tumayo sa wheelchair)/ HEALER: Ngayon, lumakad ka naman, tatang! Lakad! Sige, lakad!/TATANG: Opo  (si tatang ay tumayo at naglakad, nagulat ang mga tao, naghiyawan at nagpalakpakan)/ HEALER: Ngayon tatang,  anong masasabi mo?/TATANG: Wala. Kasi, hindi pa rin ako makakita...


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