PAL gets positive rating; on PH’s transport state

September 19, 2019

The Airline Passenger Experience or APEX - an international industry organization which carries out an airline ratings program based solely on certified passenger feedback - recently named flag carrier Philippine Airlines (PAL) as a 4-Star Major Airline. 

This good news was shared by the amiable PAL spokesperson Ma. Cielo ‘Diva’ Villaluna, who said that the airline ratings were created based on neutral, third-party passenger feedback and insights gathered through APEX’s partnership with TripIt® from Concur®, the world’s highest-rated travel-organizing app.

Cielo said that as stated by APEX CEO Dr. Joe Leader, ‘more than 1.4 million flights were rated by passengers across nearly 600 airlines from around the world… Only a small, single digit percentage of these airlines reached the prestigious APEX Four Star Airline status while an even smaller number reached the monumental APEX Five Star Airline level. All of us at APEX take extraordinary pride in giving full power to airline passengers as the ultimate source of validated truth in airline ratings worldwide.’

The rating period was from July 2018 to July 2019 and according to Cielo, this year’s APEX Official Airline Ratings recognizes airlines in four categories: Global Airlines, Major Airlines, Regional Airlines and Low Cost Carriers.

Congratulations to PAL for this new feat! Cielo said credit goes to all their leaders, executives and staff, key frontliners - in – flight, its pilots and cabin crew, service providers all over the globe and their industry partners.

Speaking of PAL, belated happy birthday to Paeng Evangelista, the very friendly and industrious internal communications specialist of PAL’s corporate communications department! Wish you all the best this life can offer…


Yesterday, two news items featuring the sorry state of our transport system were seen on television.

One showed passengers –women included- scrambling for seats in a bus where in desperation to get to their destination faster, the passengers were seen entering the bus through its windows as  soon as a bus stops, in order to avoid the long lines and waiting for a long time before being able to get a seat.

In the other one, it was reported that two commuters were hurt when one passenger who reportedly could not stand the heat inside one of the coaches of the Light Rail Transit Line 1 (LRT-1) decided to take matters into his own hands and tried to open the door to let air come in. Failing to do so, the same passenger was said to have turned his attention to one of the glass windows.

He forcibly opened it, causing it to break and shatter, its splinters hitting and injuring two innocent passengers in the process. This happened while the coach was traversing the United Nations (UN) station in Manila.

The LRT management appealed to the public to never attempt at forcibly opening the doors or windows of the LRT coaches.  It also claimed that the said affected coach was actually airconditioned.

Some colleagues who ride the LRT however, said that while the coaches are indeed airconditioned, there are some that are really humid and even suffocating, that those who are considered elderly and with respiratory problems would not be able to withstand.

And then here come some proposals that are out of this world, like banning private vehicles in EDSA and changing the number coding to car brand coding.  For those who find the latter unfamiliar, it goes something like banning Toyota vehicles on Monday, Mitsubishi on Tuesday, Nissan on Wednesday and so on and so forth.

Restricting the use of private vehicles must be accompanied by an efficient mass transport system where one would no longer have any reason to use a personal car.

In other countries, US for instance, one could use a car only to go to a certain point where he could park his vehicle and then take the bus going to his destination which is faster and more cost-efficient. Once done, he could take the same bus to go back to where he left his car and then drive himself home.

In most instances, commuters no longer use cars and opt for mass transport systems to bring them to and from work, school or whatever, for the same basic reasons that they are faster and less costly. Why can’t we have this in our country?


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