July 09, 2020

WITH less than two years before the end of the six-year Duterte administration, the Filipino people believe that the government ought to give the campaign against illegal drugs “a little more push.”

Thus, revitalizing the Philippine National Police-Drug Enforcement Group (PNP-DEG), concerned government authorities are on track addressing the many problems posed by the dreaded “drug monster.”

Since its setting up on July 7, 2017, the DEG, with the help of the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA), the law enforcement arm of the Dangerous Drugs Board, has been in the forefront of the war against illegal drugs.
Last Tuesday, the PNP-DEG honored its outstanding officers and men as part of its third founding anniversary.
PNP-DEG is now headed by B/Gen. Romeo M. Caramat Jr. of Philippine Military Academy Class 1992, while the PDEA is under the command of Director-General Wilkins M. Villanueva, himself a PMA graduate.

Its accomplishments over the past nine months have earned the PNP-DEG congratulations from no less than President Duterte, PNP chief Gen. Archie Francisco F. Gamboa and the Filipino people.

Gamboa has ordered the group and other police units to step up the tempo of their offensive against armed and defiant illegal drug manufacturers, traffickers and pushers.

At the same time, the highly-decorated PNP top honcho reminded Caramat and his battle-ready officers and men to exercise all necessary precautions to ensure they won’t be harmed by their targets.

“I have echoed the guidance of President Duterte for PNP units to seize every opportunity” to be on the offensive against all those involved in the illegal drugs business, according to General Gamboa.

Note that eradicating the drug menace, along with graft and corruption and criminality, has been President Duterte’s top priority even before he assumed the top political post of the land on June 30, 2016.

Without doubt, PNP-DEG’s record accomplishments excite its hard-working officers and men into working harder for the sake of the country and the more than 106 million Filipinos.