PNP-HPG Director: ‘Mystery clients’ deployed to check irregularities

September 24, 2019

PHILIPPINE National Police Highway Patrol Group (PNP-HPG) director, Brigadier General Eliseo DC Cruz said that apart from their counter-intelligence agents, ‘mystery clients’ are working with him to check the presence of erring HPG men specifically those using recovered stolen motor vehicles or issuing so-called ‘non-appearance’ HPG motor vehicle clearances for a fee to the consternation of the PNP leadership.

“Beware but we have mystery clients who have been deployed in different HPG offices and regional units to see if my directives are being implemented properly,” the official told the Journal Group.

Cruz reiterated his ‘one-strike’ policy on his erring men yesterday as he ordered the relief and filing of administrative and criminal charges against seven of his Metro Manila clearance officers for involvement in the highly-irregular ‘non-appearance’ scheme in which they issue genuine HPG clearances to vehicles even without inspecting them physically.

“I have relieved all police commissioned officers and non-commissioned officers assigned to the Pasay and Muntinlupa Motor Vehicle Clearance Stations after I myself discovered that they have been issuing fake, falsified and photoshopped pictures of vehicles making us believe that the vehicles in photos appeared in their offices while in fact it was ‘non-appearance,”  the official said.

Cruz said they are still investigating how much is being paid by motor vehicle owners availing of the ‘non-appearance’ scheme of the accused personnel.

The practice could lead to the issuance of HPG clearances to motor vehicles which have been stolen thru different modes including those stolen while parked unattended, stolen at gunpoint thru force and intimidation or those stolen  and  sold by so-called ‘Rent-Sangla, Rent-Tangay’ syndicates.

“The danger here is that stolen motor vehicles which were issued HPG motor vehicle clearance thru the ‘non-appearance’ scheme can be sold to innocent buyers,”said Cruz.

Shortly after he took over as PNP-HPG director last August 14, Cruz gave a stern warning to personnel of the HPG Motor Vehicle Clearance Division  in Camp Crame and in the regions that those who will be found to be involved in the practice of giving clearance certificates under the ‘non-appearance scheme’ will be sacked and investigated.

Cruz said he has ordered a no-nonsense counter-intelligence effort to stop the anomalous practice.

The HPG officers and men from Pasay and Muntinlupa City were assigned to traffic duties on EDSA pending the filing of criminal and administrative charges against them for grave misconduct.

Cruz said he discovered the ‘photoshopped’ pictures presented by the Pasay and Muntinlupa HPG-MVCS during their weekly validation of issued HPG clearances.

According to Cruz, one of the ‘photoshopped’ pictures presented by the chief of the Muntinlupa MVCS during his Power Point presentation showed the badge of the HPG inspector on the right upper part of his uniform although it should be on the left part.  “It clearly showed that the picture was just photoshopped, nilagay lang dun at baligtad pa,” he said.

On the other hand, one of the photos displayed by the head of the Pasay City MVCS clearly showed the face of an HPG inspector superimposed at the front of a bus he was supposedly inspecting.