PNP pushing for area police offices

August 21, 2019

ANOTHER legislative measure proposed by the Philippine National Police headed by General Oscar D. Albayalde to the 18th Congress is the PNP Reorganization Act which has five major objectives, first and foremost of which is to transform and develop the PNP into a community-and-service-oriented agency in all aspects of its police and internal security functions, the Journal Group learned.

The Legislative Agenda or LEGENDA forwarded to the 18th Congress by the PNP Directorate for Plans headed by Major General Jonas B. Calleja is one of the 22 legislative measures proposed by the PNP leadership to the new batch of senators and congressmen taking into consideration the relevant inputs of all PNP Directorial Staff and other operational and administrative units.

The other objectives of the PNP Reorganization Act are the following: to enable the PNP to develop capabilities to address and respond to human and ecological security; to enhance PNP capability to assist other agencies in the enforcement of domestic and foreign policies including international covenants in coordination with international law enforcement agencies; to enhance the PNP’s capabilities to assist the Armed Forces of the Philippines in the performance of its mandate and in preparation for the eventual shift of strategy to law enforcement and whole-of-nation approach in addressing Internal Security Operations; and to develop PNP capabilities to support national development.

As contained in the legislative proposal, the PNP will have the same powers and functions relative to the protection of lives, liberties, rights and properties.

It shall be headed by a chief who shall be assisted by two deputy chiefs, one for administration and one for operations and shall be composed of a national office, area police offices, regional offices, provincial offices, district offices and city or municipal police stations.

At the regional level, the PNP shall have Police Regional Offices, including that of the National Capital Region Police Office which may be divided into two separate regions without prejudice to the pertinent provisions of the Organic Act for the Autonomous Regions of the Cordilleras and Muslim Mindanao relative to the creation of a regional police force in the area of autonomy.

As proposed, Police Regional Offices shall be headed by Regional Directors. At the provincial level, there shall be Police Provincial Office, each headed by a Provincial Director. In the case of large provinces, police districts may be established by the National Police Commission to be headed by a Provincial District Director.

At the highly-urbanized and independent city level, there shall be a City Police Office, each headed by a City Director.

At the city or municipal level, there shall be a PNP station, each headed by a chief of police.

Under each Police Station, Police-Community Precincts shall be established in every barangay or clustered barangays to serve as the primary providers of police services in the community.

The legislative proposal says  the chief of the PNP is authorized to implement necessary adjustments in organizational structure, staffing, functions and functional relationships to sustain the attainment of increased police visibility, efficiency and optimized delivery of police services; provided that, corresponding changes in the number and distribution of ranks, to include upgrading thereof, shall be recommended by the Chief, PNP for approval of the Napolcom, except for the ranks of police brigadier general, police major general and police lieutenant general, which shall be subject to the approval of the President.

(To be continued)